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Forever New
Forever New Forever New Fabric Care Wash

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Not Just For Lingerie


I had never heard of this detergent until I saw it on a website when I was searching for bras. Forever New Fabric Wash had great reviews so I bought one. I can see why it's rated so highly. One reason that Forever New is highly recommended for hand-washing bras is that the formula doesn't deteriorate the delicate fabric and elastics that are typically used in bras and other undergarments. Forever New comes in a powder form that dissolves easily in water. I have an HE washer, so if I wash a garment in the machine (delicate cycle only) I dissolve the powder in a little liquid first, and then pour that into the dispenser. The soap rinses away completely--even in cold water--and I've never noticed any residue in my machine or on my lingerie. Besides using this detergent on lingerie, I have also used it in pre-washing my quilt fabrics. Sometimes I need a gentle cleaner to get rid of the sizing on new fabric, but I still want to maintain that "just bought" non-faded look. This product does the trick and has a great scent as well. Speaking of scent, this is not an unscented product so if that is a concern for you, then you'll want to try another option. Otherwise, I would highly recommend it for any delicate laundry. Scent I love the scent, but it may be too strong for some

Chicagoland, IL


Forever New keeps lingerie looking fabulous!


I'm going to date myself here, so hang on. I've used Forever New Fabric Care Wash since the late 70's/early 80's. I first purchased the product from a store that sold uniforms and lab coats for nurses and dental professionals. In these times before colorful scrubs, we all wore white pants, white hose, white dresses...you get the idea. Forever New comes in a liquid and a powdered form. I have only had experience with the powder. I've seen it for sale in sizes from 4 to 32 ounces. I buy the largest size I can find. Add a small amount to a sink full of water and swish to dissolve the powder. Add your lingerie, swish, and soak for a few minutes. The process is identical to using Woolite. Soak and then gently rinse and press the excess water from the items and hang to dry. I like buying large sizes because of the value factor, so I like this much better than Woolite. Woolite bottles are so bulky and heavy. This 32 ounce container of Forever New takes up much less space and lasts for such a long time. It cleans whites and coloreds - but wash them separately. If you have a lingerie bag you can use Forever New in your wash machine. Swimsuits, hose, or any lingerie with lace, lycra, nylon or silk will benefit from Forever New. I no longer wear uniforms, so it's easiest for me to purchase this through Amazon.com. Great value!

Cheboygan, MI


Forever New Forever New Fabric Care Wash

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