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For Life
For Life Stump Teapot

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For Life's Stump Teapot is the greatest!


I am a big tea drinker. It is nearly all I drink. I discovered these cute and retro-looking teapots one day while looking to replace my huge old (and rather ugly) teapot. I was immediately attracted to the Stump's beautiful array of colors and 50's style design. It is now my main teapot. The teapot is 16 ounces, but that is the perfect size for tea for one or two. You don't really need 40 plus ounces of tea, do you? The smaller size of this teapot ensures that you will be drinking a very fresh and perfectly steeped batch. The teapot comes with a stainless steel infuser that is not attached to the pot, for ease of removing when you want to drink your tea and do not want it to continue steeping. This teapot, unlike my old one, also stays warm for a long time. It is wonderfully insulated. The teapots feel good and heavy in your hand, and even after banging mine around in the sink a couple of times, it still has yet to chip or break. I loved this teapot so much that I bought two more. Their design allows them to stack neatly so they take up less space on your counter. And yes, I said your counter. These teapots are just too pretty to put away in a cupboard. I cannot recommend these enough for loose leaf tea drinkers!

Spring Valley, WI


For Life Stump Teapot

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