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Blessing for my family and our bad feet


Over the past five years my family and I have ordered several products over the Footsmart website. First we ordered the orthopedic sandals. The selection was very nice and all sizes were available. The site recommended we order a size down, we did, and the shoes fit very well. I have ordered two different ankle braces for my father. He is on his feet all day and both braces brought him relief from the soreness and tightness of his work boots. I ordered a sleeve for my bunion. It was comfortable, true to size, and worked to help the pain and irritation. All of these items were shipped in a reasonable time and in good condition. The shipping and handling costs are comparable to other sites. I paid around $5.95 for my orders. My mother had ordered a brace for her plantar facitis. When she received the brace it was too uncomfortable to wear all we had to do was place a return label, which Footsmart provided and send it back. With no issue she received a full refund within days of sending the product back. If you have a foot ailment this is the site to go to




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