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FoodSaver Vacuum Sealing System W/smartseal Tech. V3835

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Saves you money and helps your food last longer!


Good appliance that helps you be able to seal your food making it last longer and saving you money. A must have for freezing meat , cheese ,or anything else you want to keep fresh. The pros are that this machine has several nice functions. First , there is a setting for wet items which is helpful and leads to a better seal. The bags are stored right in the machine. You just roll some out depending on the size you need, cut it and then seal it creating a custom sized bag. There is also a pull out hose you can use to seal up the food saver containers that are available to purchase. I love the look of the sterling silver and black buttons. It is tall and slim so it does not take up to much room. As far as the cons, it is a little noisy, but that does not bother me much. I don't like the costs of the bags that go with the machine. They are expensive, but they do come on sale, and when they do I stock up. If you do seal something really wet, it can get gunk in the sealer. You can fix this by cleaning it out, but it was a little challenging to figure out how to do this. Overall though I like the machine. It is a good quality. It has saved us a lot of money allowing us to separate our meats into smaller portions. You can store frozen things for a long time without any freezer burn. Makes cheese last forever too!

Salt Lake City, UT


Pays for itself right away and saves time and money


This summer I started growing fruits and veggies in a home garden in an effort to not only save money, but eat better as well. This vacuum sealer is one of the best investments I have ever made. Each week, I harvest food from my garden, bring it inside and chop it up. I pre-cook meals for myself and my fiance weeks in advance and they come out of the freezer tasting like I just made them. I make pasta and mashed potatoes in bulk, and portion them into freezer bags for quick meals in a pinch. I freeze sauces and gravy into cupcake pans and freeze them, then vac seal the bags for use down the road. My freezer is a home made buffet with tons of different choices and combos of my own home cooked food. The bags can be expensive...buy in bulk is my best advice. Also invest in the accessories...I bought the jar sealer for the wide mouth and the regular mouth canning jars. I pre-make salads for my sweetie pie a week in advance and vac seal them. They keep perfectly and are crispy and fresh all week long. The stand up design takes up practically no space on my counter and I use it 5-10 times a day for various fresh foods and leftovers.I'm not a fan of leftovers, but when you throw them in a vac bag fresh (refrigerate it first so it doesn't steam up in the plastic bag and make everything soggy and watery) AMAZING! When I cook a dinner I don't particularly care for but my honey likes, ill cook enough for 2 and freeze the leftovers for him to grab next time he has a craving.

Greenbrae, CA


Wonderful addition to my kitchen appliances!


I have been looking for a vacuum sealing system for some time. I had a FoodSaver years ago and loved it so I decided this was going to be my brand. It is lots bigger than the old one I used years ago but love it. It does everything for you and is very easy to use. I have only had it since Christmas but so far so good.

Mount Laurel, NJ


FoodSaver Vacuum Sealing System W/smartseal Tech. V3835

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