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Foodsaver Vacuum Kit

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FoodSaver V3250 Vacuum Kit Works Great!


We bought a new FoodSaver V3250 for Christmas to replace our 7 year old machine that had stopped sealing on a regular basis. This vacuum sealer was part of a kit that included several rolls of bags, 2 canisters and free shipping directly from the Foodsaver website. We are very pleased so far. It is fairly large though, so you need to make sure that you have somewhere to store it. It is attractive enough that it will look fine on the counter if you have the space. It seems to have a slight "delay" in sealing compared to our old model, but that is due to the "automatic" opening and closing when doing the sealing. I think it is much quieter and we haven't had any problems with anything sealing. I also like that it has the option for a "gentle" seal which I used when sealing pre formed hamburger patties.


Denver, CO


Worth the up-front cost


I got lucky and was able to finally get one of these on sale, and have been very happy with it. I dont know how many times I had to throw out freezer burnt meat before I bought this. It's cheaper to buy meat in bulk, but inevitably I would not cook some of it fast enough before it was ruined. With the food saver I havent thrown out any meat at all. It does an amazing job saving food. It has had a bit more trouble sealing vegetables than meat, and I dont think all the premade bags work as well as others, but if you are trying to save money, or tend to have a lot of leftovers all the time, then you should really consider buying a foodsaver. They will save you a lot of money over time.


Murfreesboro, TN


Great product but too much bag waste with this model


This is my second Foodsaver model. For years I used the kind that lies flat on the counter and it worked great. So great that it actually wore out. So earlier this year I purchased this more vertical model and I don't like it quite as much. Pros: It takes up less counter space so if you like to leave things like this out on your counter, it's more space-saving than previous models. It does seal very well and seems to have better suction than the old models. Cons: The design of this model forces me to use/waste more of the plastic bag sheets than before. For example, with the old model I could lift the bar and place the bottom of the bag on the heating element to seal it and create a very small section of waste at the bottom. But with this new model I have to shove the plastic in about 2 inches before it "senses" it and seals it. This happens on both ends so I end up with about 4 inches of wasted bag and that's annoying, thus only the Satisfactory rating. I do love the Foodsaver for when I buy meat in bulk. It's great to be able to seal a single portion or just enough for my husband and I for dinner. Food keeps for ages in the freezer and never becomes freezer burned. I just don't like the level of bag waste with this model.


Annapolis, MD


love this foodsaver


We bought it not too long ago, had I different model but it just didn't do enough. I like the way this one seals, it does a better job of it and it seems to work no matter how big or small the job is. It lets you select if what you're sealing is dry or moist which does make a difference. The only misgiving I have is that, at least with the kit I got, it came with the hose but none of the connectors to work with the other accessories like zipper bags and containers, so I ended up having to order them from foodsaver. It does very well at what it's made to do, however, I bought a large bag of coffee and vacuum sealed part of it which helped keep it fresh without freezing (if you try this check to make sure the seal was complete, the first time I evidently got some of the coffee in the area where it was trying to seal and it let air back in awhile after I did it)


Hutchinson, KS


wish i had bought it years ago


The compact and quiet Foodsaver Vacuum is one of the best purchases that i have made for the kitchen. i immediately stored strawberries in one of the refridgerator containers and they stayed fresh for twelve days! i ate them on the twelth day only because i couldn't wait any longer, they still looked and tasted fantastic. I purchased a multi pack box of bags along with my Foodsaver and have frozen everything from steaks to vegetables to breads. It is important to read the instructions first! You can not vacuum pack broccolli or cabbage. They stink really bad when you open the bag. I did it just to see and they weren't lying! The Foodsaver is easy to use, takes very little counter space and works quickly. Worth every penny! I highly recommend it.


Owens Cross Roads, AL


Is a Must In The Kitchen!


My family was given the Foodsaver Vacuum Kit as a Christmas present last year. I was very surprised, as it had been on our wish list for months, but the price was much more than we could afford. What I know now is that the intial investment would be worth it either way. Up until we got our Foodsaver system, I had been using Ziploc freezer bags to store our goods in the freezer. Somehow they still always ended up with ice build-up and freezer burn, even after adjusting the freezer's settings. The first time I used the product, I sized the individual bag to the portion of steak I was wanting to seal. I placed both ends (one at a time) into the slot where the bag was vacuum sealed. It was very easy to operate and very efficient. As of today, I still have that piece of steak in my freezer, and it looks as new as the day I purchased it- No freezer burn or ice build-up of any kind. Other products I have sealed were still fresh when I went to cook with them. This product is absolutely a dream. It saves so much money in the long run by keeping food from spoiling and being able to buy in bulk and portion and package. I so would say it is worth the initial investment!


Atwater, CA


Foodsaver Vacuum Sealer


This foodsaver vacuum sealer is probably the best vacuum sealer I have ever used. It pulls a really strong vacuum and seals things permenantly so they can never leak. I've used it for long term storage of food, and it's nice for other things that need to be kept sealed and dry as well. I keep some emergency food stored in the vacuum bags, and it seems to keep really well. The kit that I bought came with a vacuum dish for marinating meat, and I've tried it but it doesn't seem to do that much. It's probably a little better than without it, but not enough to make it worth the purchase just for that. The dish is nice for storing things in the refrigerator though, so I like that. I've sealed meat and vegetables with this and it works well for both. The bags are fairly expensive, but I use the ziploc bags with my mini foodsaver for things that I want to reseal and only use this for things that are going to be stored for a while. It is a really nice, and really pretty appliance and I definitely would buy it again.


North Baltimore, OH


Buy in bulk seal and save money


I am pleased with this purchase.  I can now buy my groceries in bulk and save lots of money buy sealing and storing in refrigerator or freezers.  This really came in handy for my household.   I have a large family and it has always been hard to store in bulk or leftovers now its no problem.  I bought the food sealer it the problem no longer exsists.  Now when I fix too much chicken or steak actually any thing I can place it in the little bags and seal in the freshness and store it for later.  The grocery bill is so much better cause I purchase meats and fresh vegetables in large amounts and seperate seal and store away for later dates.  I saved my family so much money by purchasing this little gaget.  Its easy to store for use.  Its easily cleaned.  I love the food saver and the cost is unbelievable.  I could not imagine life without it.  I would recommend every family no matter what size it is to purchase one of these and keep it handy cause you will notice a difference in your grocery spending right away.  It is very simple to do just lay your items out on bagies and seal it for storage.


Honaker, VA


Saves me a ton of money


I've wanted one of these for a long time and I'm so glad I finally spent the money to get it. I am able to buy meats and veggies in bulk and seperate and freeze. Lasts far longer and keep quality like fresh.


Fort Benning, GA


Foodsaver Vacuum Kit

4.6 9