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FoodSaver V4800 Vacuum Sealing System

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FoodSaver 4800 series - worth the wait


I've waited for over ten years to finally purchase a FoodSaver and I'm very happy that I did. This model addresses all of my concerns. The on board roll storage with cutter is very convenient, and the moist food selector has worked like a charm when sealing chili and soup. The retractable hand held sealer is very convenient, and I love that it stays attached and doesn't end up lost in a drawer. I also purchased the large mouth jar sealer and it has been working without any problems. I purchased large mouth canning jars and have been sealing up everything I can find in them. I've sealed rice, pasta, brown sugar, powdered sugar, nuts, flour and cookie mix in a jar gifts. Bags are not cheap, but I still believe that the FoodSaver works as a money saver. I have sealed up and frozen many pounds of cooked ground beef. When I take it from the freezer to use I make sure to cut the bag at the very top near the seal. I toss the bag back in the freezer (safe food handling for any ground beef residue) , and then when what I have made cools - usually spaghetti sauce or taco meat, I immediately return one or two servings to the bag and re-seal it.



FoodSaver V4800 Vacuum Sealing System

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