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FoodSaver Home Vacuum Packaging

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Great product to avoid freezer burn on your frozen foods.


I LOVE this product.  I use it to freeze meats, vegetables and I've even used it to refrigerate open bananas and it worked to keep it fresh.  It didn't turn brown as is typical of bananas in the freezer.  I've even used when my mother moved to the Dominican Republic to transport socks, underwear and other small items in a smaller space.  Great product; I would definitely recommend this product.


Miami, FL


Awesome..works just like a professional vacuum packing.


This product helps preserve food by vacuuming out the air, thus retarding oxidation.  Frozen food can be kept for months without freezer burn.  Pantry items: ie., cereals, crackers, flour etc. can be kept fresh and weevil free without refrigeration.  Highly recommended..it works just as advertised.


Onancock, VA


Read all the reviews carefully before buying one of these!!!!


Bought one of these and had nothing but trouble with it. It wouldn't vacuum seal any of my items after about a month. The company sent me a new part for my machine, and it worked, but then none of the extensions would work (for the containers, etc.). Finally I was able to return it for a full refund. I then bought a more expensive version after very carefully reading all the reviews on them. My new one has been great. Bottom line - don't go with the cheap version, and read all reviews before purchasing!!!!!


Wyoming, MI


It hasn't lived up to its name


I did a lot of research on Food sealing products.  My results seem to show that the Food Saver brand was the best.  So I bought the middle model to save a little money, not thinking it would be neccesary to have the super expensive one.  I have been very disappointed.  The machine is very difficult to get the motor started.  You have to press it in just the right place on the sides and 1/2 the time I cant figure it out.   I've had other people try to use it with the same outcomes I have. It wastes a lot of extra plastic on the edge in order to get it into the machine and allow for an air seal.  I've had two things already fill up with air in my freezer.  The Food Saver brand machines are quite a bit more expensive then other models so I was expecting much better service.  The middle mode also really cant do any thing that is moist.  Even things like hamburger can be too moist so the suction will cause the juices to spill out into the machine.  Contamination not good!  I tried chili and it was a mess.  Super thick chilli works ok.  When using the machine you are suppose to push down for about 5 seconds and then let go letting it do its work.  I've been finding that its auto setting does not suck air long enough and leaves pockets around food. 


Saint Paul, MN


The Foodsaver is the greatest invention since the light bulb!


The Foodsaver is a fantastic investment.  I use it for just about everything that goes into the freezer.  It is super easy to use and stores quite well.  A bit pricey to begin with worth it as time goes by.  I have definately saved money by using this machine.


Indianapolis, IN


The FoodSaver is our number one kitchen appliance!!!


We registered for this when we got married 4 yrs ago, and use it at least 5 out of 7 days a week.  My husband would never eat frozen meats, and I am a bargain shopper, so when something is on sale, I buy in quantity.  Now he will eat anything out of the freezer, as long as it's been vaccuum sealed.  You can't taste any difference at all.  Also, we seal cereal bags, chips bags, nearly anything, even the types of bags they say you can't seal, we do.  We couldn't live without our FoodSaver!!!!!


Monroe, CT


Great Money Saving Storage


I absolutely love the food saver.  I use it for all kinds of food, this way I am able to buy in bulk and save tons of money and dont have to shop as often.  I use this to save clothes and pics that way they are never ruined.  I love the containers I use them for brown sugar, powdered sugar, flour,  and the list goes on.  anything and everthing.  I love the marinater container too that gives meat the best flavor. The rolls are great to make different sizes for different things.  The bags are great for just a little bit of stuff.  I have vacuum packed meat and got it out like 6 months later and it still taste great.  I  use the food saver for veggies and stuff too that way I can use all the garden stuff up.  I was the bags and reuse them till they get too small and then just throw them away.


Berrysburg, PA


good for occassional home use


FoodSaver ends up not being too cost effectivve if a family is buying many bags. And the air is difficult to completely suck out of each bag. The more air left in a bag, the less time the food will survive in the deep freeze.


Blythe, CA


Great for freezing.


Using the FoodSaver V2440C and it works great for freezing foods.  It is easy to use and works quickly.  You cut the bag roll material to fit the item and it vacs and seals in seconds.  Since the kids are gone now, using this machine allows me to shop the warehouse stores without waste.  It even reseals the chip bags to keep them fresh.  Works great to seal up a single meal to freeze and reheat later.  The bags and rolls are expensive if purchased from FoodSaver but you can save money by purchasing them on Ebay.


Parkville, MD


FoodSaver Home Vacuum Packaging

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