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Food Network
Food Network Programmable Bread Maker

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i use this all the time!


this breadmaker is great! i have a recipe that i use from a health food store. it always makes a great loaf of bread, so much so that when i take a loaf in to church for saturday lunch someone always wants to take the leftovers home with them. it always bakes it just right. i love it!!

Acworth, GA


The Food Network Bread Maker makes life easy.


We eat a lot of bread in this house. My wife is vegan and where we live there aren't any health food stores around which was making her life difficult and by extent mine. Her father bought us the bread maker for her birthday and it has been amazing. Not only can my wife now make vegan bread (which is surprisingly just as tasty and a lot cheaper when you make it at home) she can make all kinds of things like vegan banana bread. My toddler likes it to, she puts it down at his level to help make the dough and for the stirring phase so he can watch it mix. Having him help has lead to some messes in the house but he is a lot less picky about what he eats being involved. I would say this is a good family option.

Tarawa Terrace, NC


Food Network Programmable Bread Maker

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