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Folichili Shampoo Chile & Romero

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"Folichili" shampoo really grows hair!


This shampoo really helps you regrow hair where you may have been losing it! I learned about this shampoo from might aunt ( who is originally from Mexico) who was losing some hair as a reaction to hormonal changes related to menopause and she re-grew all her missing hair (and then some) in about five or six months. Though I was not experiencing a great deal of hair loss, mine was receeding especially on one side and after using folichili for only three weeks I noticed new sprouts in areas where I was beginninig to lose hair before. The shampoo actually washes the hair OK, but leaves it feeling a little limp or oily so I use a little bar soap at the same time, or a regular shampoo every four or five days. If you use it regularly and be patient and try it for about three months, you should see tiny thin sprouts starting and other spots looking thicker and fuller or maybe it ain't helping you (sorry, guess it can't help if the folicles are all the way dead and not just dormant from hormonal stuff). It cost a little more (not much though) and you can only order on-line and doesn't wash hair "perfectly", but his stuff really grows hair!

Saint Louis, MO


Folichili Shampoo Chile & Romero

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