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Folgers Chocolate Silk

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Slight chocolate flavor but not sweet - excellent!


My husband found the Folgers Chocolate Silk and bought it to try.   And I just love it!  Now I'm hooked.  I love flavored coffee but don't like sugary flavors.  It's difficult to describe the chocolate flavor except to say it's not a sweet flavor.  It's just a hint of chocolate which is just right for me in the morning, or anytime.  Try it!

Fort Lauderdale, FL


Chocolate AND coffee!


I am a huge coffee snob and love, love, love chocolate. I usually buy the pricier coffee but decided to try the Folgers Chocolate Silk. Mmmmmm. It is very smooth and has a wonderful smell (makes the kitchen smell great) and taste. The chocolate taste is nice and subtle. One of my favorites!

Athens, GA


Folgers Chocolate Silk ooooo so good


So I LOVE chocolate. Any shape, form, or liquid....  I love this coffee. It and smells delicious when it is brewing. I add Splenda and 1/2 and 1/2 to it and it is delicious. Smooth When I am craving chocolate I get it out of the freezer and brew it up. Morning or night. Also I make this when I have a winter outside party. Is a great hit.

Duncan, OK


Silk describes how smooth Folgers Chocolate Silk Coffee is.


The first time I tried Folgers Chocolate Silk Coffee I was stunned, that a coffee could be this  smooth and a such a delightful  flavor. Just now thinking about the taste my mouth actually watered. I love having such a wide range of flavors to choose from. For so many years I never tried any of the gourmet coffees. Folgers Chocolate Silk is my very favorite and I will tell anyone that will listen to me. Chocolate Silk describes how smooth this coffee is. The chocolate is very delicate but has a rich taste. Chocolate + Silk = Excellent.

Cleveland, TN


Folgers Chocolate Silk

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