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Focalin XR

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Focalin Worsened My Son's ADHD Symptoms


My 6 year old son has moderate to severe ADHD. His primary symptoms are hyperactivity, impulsivity, lack of focus, and excessive talking. He was switched from Vyvanse to Focalin to see if Focalin would better help him. It did not. In fact, Focalin XR only exacerbated his symptoms, especially his hyperactivity and impulsivity. After taking this medication for a week he began getting into more trouble at school than ever before. He was jumping off desks, aggravating other students in class, and completely unable to stay seated. He was rolling around in the floor and acting as rowdy as possible. I spoke with my doctor about this the following week and we switched his medications again. Within a week of being on the new medication he begain to calm down and his symptoms overall began to improve. For my son, Focalin XR was absolutely not the answer. The doctor switched him from Focalin XR to Adderall 5mg 3 times a day. He has improved in every area since beginning Adderall.



Focalin XR works great and has few side effects.


Focalin XR is a newer medication for the treatment of ADD and ADHD.  Side effects are minimal and include decreased appetite and/or weight loss (I've lost 30 pounds since being on the medication, a positive benefit for me, but not appropriate for anyone with an eating disorder or for whom weight loss would create a negative health impact). Focalin XR comes in three strenghts (10, 15 and 20mg) but was designed so that it can be opened and the contents sprinkled on food (for younger users or people who have difficulty swallowing), thus presenting more dosing options.  The extended release formula means only one pill need be taken per day.  Generally within an hour of taking the medication I feel more alert, focused and ready to tackle the day.  An off-label benefit of the medication is mood elevation and treatment of depression (I'm not sure that it can be used alone in the treatment of depression, but combined with traditional anti-depressants, e.g., SSRIs, etc., it is an effective augmentation). As Focalin XR is a methamphetamine, it would not be appropriate for anyone with cardiovascular illness or disorders such as heart disease, high blood pressure, etc.

Portland, OR


amazing difference in my child!!!!


wow!  as a mother struggling to figure out how to help her child, praying, knowing something wasn't right but not sure where to even look for help, what an answer to prayer this medication has been!  in 4 months' time my child's grades have shot up from skirting around 70s to high Bs. an A student in elementary, things got a little more difficult as he began to have several teachers.  incomplete or lost homework assignments became common.  what was happening and how to help?  having heard teachers in the past mention ADHD I decided to have him tested.  lacking the hyper part but definitely had trouble staying focused he was diagnosed.  tiny little pill but what a difference! life at home is so much more pleasant for both of us without me having to nag him to do his work or without me having to hourly check his work.  too bad it is SO EXPENSIVE!! we're currently fighting our new insurance company to approve this since it's proven so successful with him with minimal side effects.

Conroe, TX


Focalin XR

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