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A great site if you are savvy


I joined this site a couple of years ago, when I was desperately looking for Avis coupon code. Google brought me to this site and then I fell in love with it. There are a lot of tips about where to get cheaper rate and how. The site contains information about tons of airlines, hotel chains and car rental companies. If you are crazy about miles and points, then flyertalk is your place. You can view the forum without signing up, but you need to sign up in order to post. There are several minus for such a big site: 1. There are a lot of bullies there - if you are new then they target you like crazy, making silly and insulting comments - I went through that and it wasn't nice; 2. Since it's open forum, a lot of members are not so keen on displaying some good finds, sometimes include myself because you suddenly get tons of private messages and some of them are rather impolite - therefore the information is not as good as when it was a small forum; I'm in the forum regularly and I do benefit a lot from it. It's a time consuming activity so be prepared to spend tons of time there! Customer Service Some moderators are not the nicest people in the world. If they happen not to like you then you are out.



A Bible for "in the know" travelers


Flyertalk.com is fantastic for learning how to secure amazing deals through accruing frequent flyer (or frequent hotel stay) points, using credit card miles and other tricks and tactics. My only negative is that their forums are often confusing and lengthy, populated by longtime miles gurus and dead-ends. But, a simple search will often find your answer (and then some), and turn you on to the best way to accrue miles to save hundreds if not thousands of dollars on travel in the long run. Ease of Use I love this website, but I'm a little bit intimidated to post things there myself, because things change so rapidly and it's so much of a maze to navigate that often I'll miss out on the best deals and conversations. It takes some effort to comb through everything, but once you do and get the lay of the land, you can easily learn how to save hundreds of dollars on your travels using work-arounds and loopholes in frequent traveler programs. Features Flyertalk.com has standard, if not a bit outdated, web forum features.




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