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Fluocinonide Fluocinonide

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Great calming cream


I am a psoriasis sufferer, beginning in my earyl 50's I started breaking out on the elbows and the itching was really bad where it would bleed after just a few minutes of scratching.  I went to the dr. after I noticed it was occurring regularly and after a biopsy the rash was diagnosed as skin psoriasis. The dr prescribed some cream that didn't seem to do much good.  After my mother got sick and was in hospice my whole arms were broke out and bleeding.  They looked like raw sausages and I was in misery.  I went to the dr who gave me a shot of predisone and it went away pretty rapidly.  I scheduled an appointment with a dermatologist and that is when he prescribed fulocinonide cream. Fluocinonide cream has made my life so much better.  If I begin to break out I apply the cream on the affected areas twice a day for a couple days and it is gone. I work in a school where there are so many germs I don't like having open sores as I can pick up all sorts of diseases.  I work in the kitchen where we wash all the dishes for the school children.  I do know it makes my skin thinner and it is a steriod which I only use it when necessary.  It is a great cream

Springville, CA


Fluocinonide Fluocinonide

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