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Avoid at all cost


Placed order for mothers day, never arrived. Called and emailed. Never was able to get a hold of a person, and never did I get a response. Just took my money, never delivered flowers and that's it. Now tying to go through my credit card company to see what legal action I can take. Avoid this company

Blaine washington


Would not use again


Purchased in time for Mothers Day. No problem with delivery. Got a robocall day-of informing they would not make it. Called the 800 number to find out when they would be delivered, spent 15 minutes on hold then they dumped me into another phone loop which kept asking for my order number, failed to recognize that I had entered it, then hung up on me. Never again!


Valentines day order


Choose a different company, placed order that said it would show up on valentines day. GF received it 2 days later, flowers didnt look like they were worth 115 bucks. Had i placed the order on the day she recieved them i would have saved $50 bucks. But because I trusted them on their delivery date And i didnt feel the need to read their policy that states they will only refund up to $10 bucks. Thats not a guarantee, policies are set as guide lines, they are not set in stone, to be a successful business sometimes you have to make exceptions to maintain your customer relationship.



Never ever order from them, late flowers for funeral.


Do not order from this company.  Funeral flowers delivered late (after the service).  When I complained they offered me 10 dollars off.  I had to dispute with to my credit card company and the credit card company refunded all my money.  Best thing to do if you need flowers is google with "flowers" and the zip code of where you are sending them.  You can then find a local store.  Many have websites, or you can call them directly. For a longer version of my story read below: On a Saturday I ordered flowers for delivery on a Sunday for my grandmother's funeral.  I specifically picked flowers from the set listed as available for delivery on Sunday. I received a confirmation page.  Their website says if there is a problem they will call or email.  None of this happened.  I was not contacted at all. When no flowers had been delivered by 6pm I called a local florist and begged them to deliver before the service on Monday.  I paid extra for this service. After the service the flowers were delivered.  A note accompanied them saying "sorry could not be delivered on Sunday".    I called the phone number for help and was offered 10 dollars off because "we had website problems". The women who helped me told me that the supervisor was busy with two other customers and would call me back in a half hour.  The next day they finally called and again offered 10 dollars off.   When I told them that was not acceptable they  were rude. I contacted my credit card company and explained.  The credit card company refunded my money and issues a chargeback.   

Tijeras, NM



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