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Flip-Flop USB Flash Drive 4GB

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I hate those plain, boring USB Flash Drives. These Flip-Flop USB Flash Drives are so cute and stand out. It really helped throughout high school Interactive Multimedia (computer) classes. Everyone used to leave behind their USB Flash Drives and no one ever knew who's was who's. If I left mine behind, they knew who it belonged too. Just cute and convenient.




Cutest little flip flop 4GB USB Flash Drive is perfect for me.


When we were shopping for school supplies for my sons, my 19 year old surfer boy found a 16GB USB Flash Drive shaped and detailed like a LOST Surf Board. He's in college so he needed 16 GBs and the "SurfDrive" was a perfect choice for him. It fit his personality perfectly. Well, I started thinking about it, and even though we have flash drives of all shapes and sizes hiding around my house, and we in no way needed another one, I wanted a flip flop shaped USB Flash Drive for myself. I love the summer and I love flip flops. I collect all kinds of things with flip flops on them and things that are shaped like flip flops. If my son found a flash drive shaped like a surf board, surely I could find one shaped like a flip flop, right? RIGHT! I did a quick search on the internet, and there it was...an adorable little **Colorful Flip-Flop USB Flash Drive 4GB**. I couldn't help but to buy it. It was way too cute to pass up. I love this little rubber flip flop flash drive! I don't need many gigs to hold my pictures and documents so 4 GBs are fine for me. I have an external hard drive anyway, so everything is backed up on that. I use my little 4 gig USB flash drive simply for my own stuff. My tiny flip flop flash drive is red with a yellow sunshine and yellow toe straps, but there are other colors available. It fits my personality perfectly and it serves it's purpose wonderfully. I couldn't be happier with my purchase! **Product Details:** ***1) Memory size: 4GB ******2) Compliant with USB specification 1.1 / 2.0 ******3) High speed, at least 10 years of data retention ******4) Plug and play support: Win 98SE / 2000 / ME / XP /VISTA******5) Plug-and-play; no external power supply required, USB bus-powered ******6) All drives are made with high quality Samsung/Hynix/Micron memory******7) Reading speed(USB2.0): 11Mbps******8) Writing speed(USB2.0): 5Mbps (computer configuration dependent) ******9) Supports multi-partition and password access ******10) Supports BIOS booting as USB-ZIP or USB-HDD*** Through my search for a flip flop shaped flash drive, I have found that there are drives in just about any shape imaginable. I love this product and if you're a flip flop freak like me and 4 GBs are enough storage space for your needs, I think you'll love this product as much as I love mine, and I absolutely recommend it. It's SO cute!


Tiny Town, GA


Flip-Flop USB Flash Drive 4GB

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