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Fleet Glycerin Suppositories

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Fast relief


I have periods where I have to deal with chronic constipation especially when my anxiety flares up. I hate taking oral medications daily to try and help relieve the stomach pains. I surely didn't ever think I would end up taking suppository but I gave it a shot and was happy with my results. This is an over the counter product that you can by at a local pharmacy, price is within range, easy to use and have results in about 15-20 minutes. I have found that over the years of using these I have pretty much been able to regulate my bowels and not have to use these as regularly.



gets you moving


My oldest daughter has always had issues with constipation. She would not go for weeks on end. We tried all sorts of things, prunes, plums, raisins, veggies, Miralax and enemas to get her moving. Nothing worked. We ended up trying these glycerin suppositories. At first we tried only 1/2, cut length wise, and did not get the results we had hoped for. So we tried a whole one and lo and behold, she went. We found we had to use one a week to keep her going. Now, finally, she is off of them. When my youngest daughter showed signs of constipation, we immediately went to these and they have helped her just as much. Sure the whole process of insertion is NOT fun, I won't tell you it is, but if it brings them relief, it is worth it. The main trick we've found it to use some vaseline as well to help them glide in even easier. This is way too much information, but in reviewing suppositories, there almost has to be.

Placerville, CA


Fleet Glycerin Suppositories provide quick relief.


If you have problems with occasional constipation, I would like to recommend Fleet Glycerin Suppositories for prompt relief. Because it is a suppository, and it works "locally" without having to go through the entire digestive system, relief is almost instant. Glycerin attracts water into the stool and promotes bowel movement within 10 minutes to an hour. (Although I, personally, have never had to wait 1 hour!) The laxative action is gentle and doesn't produce the cramping and discomfort that some oral laxatives may cause.  Fleet Glycerin Suppositories come in sizes for adults and children.  When I was raising my children, I always relied on the children size to help relieve constipation in my little ones.  I'm now on the second generation of "little ones" (namely, my grandson) and I'm still using Fleet Glycerin Suppositories to treat his occasional bouts with constipation.  It works as well with him as it did with my own children.

Americus, GA


Fleet Glycerin Suppositories

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