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Flat Earth
Flat Earth - Baked Veggie Crisps

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Good, but the fruit varieties are better....


I love crispy types of snacks, and find the veggie variety to be a great alternative to potato chips (and ever since the British court case which excluded Pringles from the potato tax liability because it only has 40% potato-nobody is saying what else is in those little uniform crisps-I have really decided to cool the whole potato chip thing.)  I didn't find the veggie flavor distinctive or reminiscent of a particular favorite veggie, it just tasted different than potato chips.  The crispiness is great-so it does satisfy the need for a noisy crunchy snack.  When I went back to the store to investigate other products in this line, I found a berry based crisp that I really adored, it combined crisp with sweet and tart and all the great things you would associate with fresh berries.  There was also an apple cinnamon variety that had real baked apple flavor.   My reason for preferring the fruit varieties over the vegetable is that the veggie left a kind of grainy aftertaste.  And I kind of question whether the coloration is necessary or even natural to the components of the chips.  No matter what kind you choose, good crunch is common to all, but the package is gone all too quickly.  In actual ounces, it is about half of what you would get in conventional snack chips.  And that makes the price significantly higher for a snack product.  My kids didn't go for it, and my son actually said he would rather do without potato or corn chips than eat the veggie chips.  So, I am kind of thinking that this isn't an easy sell on children, and more of an acquired adult taste.  The kids viewed this with about as much enthusiasm as you would expect to see if confronted with a bowl of All-Bran instead of Trix or Fruit Loops...It made a great change of pace.  Certainly not denying the health benefits of something that isn't greasy fried, but I am not sure that I would classify it as healthful, because to process veggies to the point of making a flour for fabricating crispy chips-well, it seems that all that cooking a processing probably makes them about as nutritious in value as the lowly potato or corn chip.  I will buy them occassionally for a change of pace-the fruit ones most likely, but it isn't going to become a main staple in my snacking war chest.  Like alot of foods out there, I think that many folks get a false sense of security and food value, because it is "all natural" or "organic".   I am not sure that the food value per calorie is any greater than other snacks.


Montgomery, IL


Not bad, not bad at all.


The cafeteria at my work was giving out **Flat Earth Baked Veggie Crisps** for free, probably because they are going to start selling them soon.  I choose the **Farmland Cheddar** flavor because I love cheese, and the other flavor was tomato which I'm not fond of.  Tonight I was in the mood for a snack, and these were handy, so I tried them.  It turns out, they are quite good! **Taste**The Cheddar version starts out tasting a little bit like White Cheddar Cheez-its, which I like.  After you get past that part, the rest tastes decent, not bad, but no real flavor to it.  The taste is acceptable and did satisfy my craving for a late night snack.  The crunchiness of it is more like Wheat Thins rather than chips, so don't be fooled by the chip bag that it comes in. **Health**The real reason these are sold is for the health benefits.  The bag claims 1/2 serving of Real Veggies in every ounce.  With the bag being 1 and 1/4 oz, that means you are getting almost a full serving of veggies by eating this.  Don't get me wrong, that's great, but why couldn't they squeeze a little more veggie in to make it 1 solid serving of veggies! One bag has 170 calories and 6g of fat, which is definitely healthier than most chips.  As I was eating it, I thought for sure I'd still be hungry after, but I'm not.  It did fill me up and stopped me from eating a less healthy snack.  **Summary**They taste good enough to satisfy a snack craving, and they do have the additional health benefits that most snacks do not have.  However, they are not the most satisfying snack out there so you may still crave the unhealthy chips at times.  I think I will start buying these to avoid the unhealthy snacks, but they will by no means replace the cheetoos and doritos that I crave at times.  Pack them in your kids lunches, I bet they will like them.  Enjoy!!


Metro Detroit, MI


These are terrific!


I saw these on TV with the flying pig commercial and it caught my attention. I am always attracted to healthier snacks (that I can actually stomach!). This has some Vitamin A in them, which is what most of us are lacking in our fast diets nowadays.When I was in the grocery store; I spotted them in the produce section and decided, why not? So, I picked up a bag of the cheddar-flavored ones (cheese-a-holic that I am). I brought them home and when I opened them up I was delighted with the aroma of fresh cheese on a baked crisp. I dove right in. I don't think I came up for air again until the bag was 1/3 gone!It hasn't even been a week yet, but the bag is nearly gone (pacing myself)...I will definitely buy again!


Beverly Hills, CA


I love these, and they are even healthier... who knew.


I have tried several flavors and like the tomato flavor the best.  The fruit flavors were ok but I would have to choose the savory over them.  Great new product and worth a try if you are looking for a healthier snack alternative.


Benton, AR


Flat Earth - Baked Veggie Crisps

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