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Fizzion Pet Stain & Odor Remover

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Best pet stain remover I've ever used


I have several cats so having a really good carpet cleaner is a must! Well, I've tried many...There were some that were just ok & some that worked pretty good but even those still left a slight stain so when I read about Fizzion & all the good reviews, I was so eager to try it. I sprayed a 1 month old stain with Fizzion & immediately I could see it working. It literally lifts the stain right out. I was amazed! It's worked on cat vomit, Sunkist (out of all things) & even cat pee! Takes the odor away too! I love it! I'll never use another carpet cleaner. I ordered Fizzion off of their website, Fizzion.com. They have different sizes/bundles to choose from. This costs a bit more than your average carpet cleaner but it's well worth the money!

Garner, NC




Fizzion concentrated cleaner consists of an empty bottle and 2 fizzy tablets!Each tablet uses 16oz of water. You mix with warm water and spray! I have 4 dogs and you would never know it!  I used every solution I could find and also my steam cleaner and I still had the lingering old urine smell and sticky residue! This stuff does not mask odor it removes it and no more sticky residue. please read more about it at their website You will truly be amazed!  

Groton, CT


Fizzion Pet Stain & Odor Remover

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