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Fixodent Denture Adhesives Cream, Original 0.75 oz

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Fixodent Denture Cream: Good hold for good fitting dentures


Many of my long-time readers may remember that about a year ago I needed extensive oral surgery. The idea was that I was going to have a full set of new teeth set on implants. But as the procedure drew closer it became evident that I had some complications that would require me to choose full dentures at least on an interim basis. Bad luck for me, but good luck for denture wearers. You get to read some reviews on denture-based products. First, let me say that I've been very fortunate. Apart from two or three days of discomfort (not pain) following the extraction of all my teeth, my adaptation has been very smooth and event free. Within a month I was able to eat pretty much whatever I wanted without incident. My oral surgeon suggested wearing my immediate dentures pretty much full time for the first few days. Once stitches were removed he recommended the use of Fixodent Denture Adhesive Cream to assure a good fit and secure bite. In fact he prepared a bag of samples to help me through the first couple of months. **Application** When using an adhesive cream it should be applied only to clean, totally dry dentures. Getting the exact right amount on the plates takes some experimentation. My first few attempts left me with a mouth of gooey pink stuff oozing. But I soon found that as few as 6 small dots around the gum channel of the upper with 3 - 5 dots on the palette worked flawlessly. Inseting the denture into my mouth and putting upward pressure on the plate for a few moments gave me a secure hold that generally lasts me a full day. On the lower plate, six small dots placed around the gum channel secures my bottom. Typically, if one is going to have trouble with dentures it's usually the bottom plate. No such problem here. Fixodent also offers their Food Seal Adhesive Cream. As the name would imply it claims to totally prevent food from getting under either plate. It's applied with one continuous bead rather than dots or strips. Once you get the hang of how to lay down a very thin bead it secures the denture better than any other cream adhesive I've tried. This version would get a 5-star rating against the 4-star rating of the original formula. Bite down on a loaded Everything Bagel? No sweat! Note: Both the Original and Food Seal Adhesive Creams contain Zinc. The manufacturer warns against using too much, too often. Since I find that both last me at least 12 hours, I don't see this as a problem. But, if you are using an adhesive to compensate for ill-fitting dentures, do take note of this new warning. **Bottom Line** If you prefer an adhesive cream, Fixodent Original or Fixodent Food Seal is my recommendation.

Boca Raton, FL


Fixodent will hold dentures in place. Not perfect but okay.


Having dentures can be a pain, especially when they get older, and your gums shrink. This is when something like Fixodent Denture Adhesives Cream can help. I have to say that nothing can really stick them, but this is better than having them loose, or fall out, when coughing or sneezing. When my last dentures were getting too loose, I used the pink Fixodent adhesive. Once you get the hang of how much to use, and where to place it, it does help somewhat. The worse part is seeing how much you need. The pink cream can ooze out, and it can make you gag. I have had to take the dentures out, to remove the excess. No fun. My preference is to get new, well fitting dentures, but that is not always affordable. This is an okay product that works fairly well. Yes, it does stick once you have the knack. However, at the end of the day, it is not a nice job, cleaning your dentures. Also as the years go by, it is impossible to keep bottom dentures from moving. There is very little gum left, and nothing will keep them down.

New Port Richey, FL


Fixodent Denture Adhesives Cream, Original 0.75 oz

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