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A great resource when you want the best of the best


I don't usually seek out luxury hotels. In fact, I am usually seeking the best deal and am OK with staying somewhere with a slightly lower rating if it means that I'll have extra money to spend elsewhere on my trip. When I was booking my honeymoon, we were OK with splurging and staying someplace luxurious. I was unfamiilar with the luxury brands, especially those in Europe, so I turned to this site which was extremely helpful in determining what type of property we wanted to stay in. It provided a variety of options and prices and gave great information on the hotel's ameneties, location and pictures to give you an idea of exactly what to expect. I was able to decide that the Sofitel was the hotel for us. When we arrived at the hotel, we were extremely pleased with our choice. The hotel was even better then what it showed on the site! It was perfect. The next time I am looking for luxury, I will certainly use this site. Ease of Use It is extremely easy to search this site, especially if you know what city or area you want to stay in. Features The features on this site are great. They allow you to easily search for a hotel in cities all across the world based on your search specifications. I also like the categories like Most Romantic, Best Business, best Family, best honeymoon, best restaurant, etc. It allows you to further tailor your search to the type of property that is most interesting to you.



A great place to find the best hotels


This site was recommended to me by a coworker and I found the best service I ever had because of it.  I combine my research on this site with tripadvisor.com and between the two you can't go wrong.  Unfortunately, it's not for everyone since the hotels listed here do not tend to be "bargains" but if you're willing to spend a little more for quality you can find upscale hotels and resorts all over the world and it's easy to navigate.   And you can check prices without accidently "committing" to anything, unlike some sites where you have to be careful that you're not booking without realizing it.

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