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Fitti Baby Diapers

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with fitti dipers you get what you pay for.


we ran out of diapers one fateful day and had to purchase more before our daughter could sleep that night. we rushed to the nearest store in our small townwhich happened to be a fred's. fitti diapers were one of the few brands they had. one brand was priced beyond outreageously & the other out daughter was allergic to so we took out fitti diapers home. st first i thought they were alright. they were among the cheapest diapers i have bought. they were alright wtih leaks. BUT aafter a while i started to notice something i did not like with my fitti diapers. my fitti diapers were not only among the cheapest diapers i have bought but also the smelliest dispers i have ever bought. i guess when the pee hits them they react funny & it just made a foul odor. if you are in need of diapers it would do no harm to purchase these but if i did not absolutely have to i would not.

Georgiana, AL


This is the only diaper i trust on my children!


**I am a very busy mother always on the go and i needed to find a diaper that can stand a good amount of fluid with no leaks. And with the Fitti brand of diapers i found the diaper that i am looking for when it comes to my children. All my searching and all the different types of diapers that i have used, i haven't found one that meets my needs. Until i came across Fitti diapers one day in my local drug store. I must admit i was on a budget and the Fitti diapers fit my budget. So i brought it home one day and i used it on my children. What i came to realize is that Fitti was the brand of diapers that i was searching for all along. It has a very high tolerance for fluids to reduce leaking. It also has a stand up agains ripping or tearing of the velcro part of the diapers. It stands against heavy playing, walking, or even running that  a toddler can endure. I would recommend this product to any woman out there with kids who is looking for something to with stand fluids, and is budget friendly!**

Waianae, HI


Fitti Baby Diapers

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