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Fitness Quest
Fitness Quest Leg Magic

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Prepare Yourself for the Leg Magic. Literally.


They don't lie when they say that the Leg Magic is a workout for your legs. It's just a little bit of an understatement. A friend of mine, who has really strong legs and runs Cross Country, did the 30 minute workout DVD and couldn't walk for two days. So I would recommend that whoever is brave enough to get on this thing, prepare yourself. A minute on it will make your inner thighs burn like a thousand suns. But it is a good workout, once you work up to going on for longer amounts of time. It's also very easy to assemble and easy to move, due to its lightness. However, as someone had previously mentioned, the handle bar doesn't have any room to adjust to your height, so you're hunched over during the workout. Is it frustrating? Yes. But it does give you an opportunity to work on your posture and holding in your stomach while you use the Leg Magic. After a workout I could feel my inner thighs tighten, and they felt stronger after a number of workouts. All in all, I would say this is a decent buy.

Brighton, MI


Leg Magic really does magic on your legs.


I purchased the Leg Magic excercise machine because I wanted something to work on my thighs specifically. Other machines usually work on your lower legs and calves, but not many really work out your thighs. This machines was a breeze to set up, only took a few minutes. When I got on to try it, it seemed so easy that I thought it wasn't going to work out much. But after using it for about 3-5 minutes, I started to feel the burn on my inner thighs. Your legs really do get a good workout and you actually tire out pretty fast. I usually only stay on it for about 5 minutes at a time. The machine is great because you can use it both indoors and outdoors and it is so portable and lightweight. You can move it around anywhere and can fold down so that you can store it in your closet or even under the bed. The only one complaint I have is that it is a bit on the noisy side when you are doing the leg excercises. Other than that, it's a great little machine designed perfectly for your thighs.

Rowland Heights, CA


Leg Magic doesn't work many areas but it tightens those thighs!


***Quick View:*** I bought this machine at least a year and a half ago but never used it. I put it away and forgot about it. I found it again recently and was going to donate it to charity but had to give it a try. I liked it so much that I kept it and have used it daily for over three weeks. It works my inner thighs better than anything I have tried. ***My Take on Fitness Quest Leg Magic*** I am TRYING to declutter but it seems I keep finding good stuff that I just have to keep. That would be the case with this machine. I bought it on impulse and put it away in a room where I hide all my stuff, er, STORE all my stuff (Hubby doesn't love that I have a zillion exercise gadgets...). While doing a massive declutter project in the house, I unearthed my **Leg Magic Machine** and decided to give it to charity. But I had to at least TRY the thing first. I got on it and did the exercises for a while and decided that I really liked the burn I felt in my inner thighs and butt. I kept it and have used it daily since. This machine assembles in seconds and is very simple. It has adjustable "handlebars" to hold onto but they probably should have made them longer for taller people. The highest setting reaches my waist and I am 5'5". You don't NEED to hold onto the handles but they do help you to stay balanced. The machine has plastic footrests which are ridged. You step on those and then open and close your legs as the footrests glide on metal tracks. Seems easy, eh? It is. But it isn't. I mean, the actual act of gliding my legs open and then closed is very simple but wow, my inner thighs and butt burn after a few glides. I am an at home exerciser and have tons of machines and gadgets. While **Fitness Quest Leg Magic **isn't the greatest gadget I own, it definitely targets my thighs and butt and it challenges my core as well. It's more work than it seems! I thought it would be a joke. i mean, who can't stand there and open and close their legs, especially while gliding along on footrests? Well, I CAN do it but after several reps, the burn starts and stays until I stop. The next day, I feel it in my thighs and butt. Unfortunately, this gadget has no resistance and can't be changed up to make the exercise harder. I think there is an Ultra version now that may have more sophisticated features. I saw on YouTube.com that here are ways to add resistance to this gadget but I add arm work like weights or a stretch band or wear ankle weights to make the workout tougher. The machine can be used in two ways. There is a 50 minute workout DVD enclosed that is comprised of 60 seconds on the **Leg Magic Machine** and 60 seconds off doing a number of leg and ab exercises. These are called bursts and you can do 60 second bursts throughout the day as well. The machine is pretty small and compact and, if you have room, you can leave it set up and just jump on it for a minute or two whenever you happen to have the time like during TV commercials, etc. If you do this throughout the day, you will have accumulated quite a bit of exercise on those stubborn inner thighs as well as the backs of the legs, butt, and even the core to a degree. The **Leg Magic Machine** isn't intended for cardio exercise and you really can't do it for a long stretch of time. Ok, *I* really can't do it for a long stretch of time. I get bored and very sore after about 10 minutes which I feel is a fairly long time working the same muscles so intensely. Although there is very little variety to this machine, it continues to challenge my thighs even after weeks of daily use. It also folds up fast and can even be stored under a bed or in a closet. Just don't forget you have it like I did! ***My Viewpoint*** In all, I am pleased with this machine. I feel the burn more in my thighs when using **Fitness Quest Leg Magic **than with any other gadgets I have. It's even better at targeting them than any floor exercise I do. This machine will not tone your legs up if you just use it alone. You have to vary the exercise you do by doing lunges, squats, stair climbing, and other leg work to really see a change in your legs. But for the inner thighs? This machine works*.** I give it 4 stars. ***It's not a great machine but it's very good at what it does which is target one of the two biggest problems areas on a woman. The other is the backs of the arms. Inner thighs and triceps are the two areas we have to really concentrate on if we want to stay firm and flab free. Leg Magic targets inner thigh flab quickly and simply.****

The heart of , NY


Thumbs down, work on butt but that is all.


Let us say it does work on your butt but that is all it can do. It also doesn't work all people anyhow because of the balancing problem. The leg support are not stable. Let us say it is easy to lift and can be move to another place quickly but the thing is you have to pick up the leg support per piece. And when you fold it it does not stand on its own. Anyhow, the price is also high for just one function of exercise. Not really impress with the quality of the products. The construction seemed very poor. It looks like it was made in somebody's barn out of scrap materials. The metal pipes that they use in the bicycle seemed more durable that the one they used in this product. I was on it couple of times, yes i can feel my butt tightening up but i never had a gut to go bak on it again because of the above reasons. I am not really comfortable for my own safety. Therefore, i would say that i am not recommending this product, LegMagic to anyone. This product is not a good device for exercise. This is not a losing weight exercise anyhow, this is just for your butt and suppose to be for your legs and thighs too.

Oxford, MS


Leg Magic provides good workout for legs and butt


The Leg Magic machine provides a pretty good leg and butt workout if you keep your core engaged and spend more than 5 minutes on the machine. You have to take the time to focus on the part your legs or butt are working. Sometimes you have to be a little creative in isolating each muscle group to get the results you want, but if you take the time to do this you will see results. I don't use the counter or timer, I use a personal stopwatch and count my own repititions.  I do specific movements to target my inner thights, my outer thighs and my various glute muscles and after 10 minutes my legs feel like jello. Plus if you keep your core engaged and don't lean on the machine for support, you get the extra benefit of an abdominal workout without having to do hundreds of crunches and you will improve your balance. The machine is lightweight and you can fold it up to put it in the closet or in the corner if you need to get it out of the way.  Overall it is good machine that provides a good leg workout.  However, if you are not willing to hold yourself upright, engage your core and actually use your leg muscles to do the work, it may not be worth it for you.

Las Vegas, NV




The Leg Magic by Fitness quest was one of the worst "As Seen On TV" products I've ever ordered.   I don't know who they make it look so usable on TV.  If you're over 5ft. Tall you're hunched over the thing becuase there is no upward adjustment in the handle to accomodate a tall person.   Also with height comes length - trust me if you're too tall, you're also not getting a wide enough stride for long legs.   It was the smallest of motions and not effective as an exercise method at all.   Assembly was easy enough and it also mentioned the "tuck away" ability, but you couldn't fold it down enough to tuck under a bed with all your other tuckable items.   On the plus side, the return was easy enough - had to call for an RMA number and pay for my own return shipping, but it was worth it to not have it around the house reminding me of the bad purchase!   If you're short with short legs it may be good for you - but not for anyone tall at all!!

Dracut, MA


Great for inner thigh, didn't feel anything outer thighs or butt


Most of the workout is done off the machine. I found it very effective for working my inner thighs but felt nothing in my butt or outter thighs. For those areas the squats and lunges you do off the machine are effective, but I don't need a machine for that.

Tampa, FL


Fitness Quest Leg Magic

3.3 7