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Fitbit Wireless Trainer

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Great, easy-to-use device.


After comparing to the Nike Fuel Band I got the fitbit Band and its much better in my opinion. Very easy setup and interface and the sleeky, simple design allows it to be worn for all occasions. The only thing is I wished that it explained how it tracks your steps because I am a little confused on how it works.




Fitbit a must for those looking to monitor daily activites


I bought a Fitbit after my brother told me about it. After doing some research, I purchased my Fitbit. I was interested in getting in shape and watching my daily routines, including calories in, daily activities, and sleep habits. The Fitbit was awesome! Not only can I put in what I ate throughout the day in a log, but it tells me how many calories I burn a day based on my activities and it even monitors my sleep. I wear it on my wrist at night and it tells me how long it takes me to fall asleep, and shows me when I wake up in the middle of the night. The Fitbit is really easy and comfortable to wear. I usually hook it on my bra and I don't even notice it's there throughout the day. At night if fits snug in the wristband it comes with. At first I was kind of skeptical about how accurate the Fitbit was going to be, but I've found that it is a great tool in trying to determine how my daily routines and activities affect my overall weight loss goals. I have recommended this product to many friends. And it comes in blue or pink, so it's a perfect gift for anyone!


Chatham, NY


Love My Fitbit!


I was reluctant to buy the FitBit because the price is a little high. But it has been worth every penny. I love that you can sync it to your phone or use it right through your computer. I love that it sets goals for you, as it is addicting to try to reach the goal each and every day. I have even found myself doing laps around my bedroom at night just reach the goal. lol The only thing i wish it did was monitor your heartrate. Other than that, it's great. So simple to set up and use. The battery life is great, it lasts well over a week before needing to be charged again. It is easy to clip on just about anywhere. I put it on my pants, and most time just forget it is there. I highly recommend it.


Stevensville, MI


Fitbit rocks!


My employer provided me with a Fitbit back in December 2012. Since getting this little device I have lost 7 pounds. I think it is great. It is SO convenient to use and has helped motivate me to do more than I would have without it. Unlike previous pedometers it actually seems to be pretty accurate with what it tracks. The Fitbit One (which is the model I have) can also monitor your sleep efficiency. This has been very enlightening for me. I always knew that I spent a lot of time awake throughout the night... now I know for sure that I do. I have thus tried to make sure to give myself more sleep opportunities to help give my body to get the necessary rest to stay healthy. I think it is helping.




Fitbit vs Bodybugg


I would have rated the Fitbit higher, probably five stars, if I hadn't used the Bodybugg. The Fitbit is cheaper and easier to hide, but the accuracy and software features put Bodybugg over the top. Just to review the Fitbit, I can tell you it is a good little tool. It's small and can fit on your belt or in your pocket. I did a few tests wearing the Fitbit and a HR monitor and the Fitbit consistantly underestimated my calorie burn by about 15-20% compared to my Polar HRM. It does track sleep very well though. I'm quick to fall to sleep and I'm a heavy sleeper. I'm pretty sure my Fitbit thought I had died every night, lol, but it showed that I didn't move at night and that it only took me a few mins to go unconscious! The software was easy to use, and there is no monthly fee unless you upgrade to a premium membership.  Overall, a good product, but if you have the extra money, I would go with the Bodybugg.


Chandler, AZ


Fitbit Wireless Trainer

4.4 5