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Fiskars Powergear Bypass Pruner

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Very Good Pruners, Fiskars will cut through almost anything.


I love these pruners, we have grape vines and small trees all over my yard, and these things get the job done! They will cut through almost everything! My rose bush had been overgrown with weeds, and nothing could get through them, these did, now my rose bush flourishes, we had a bloom in October last year.  We used these pruners to help clear the back path of the overgrown brush left from when my father lived here.

Carbondale, IL


Fiskars PowerGear hedge shears have leverage and cutting power.


I have severe arthritis in my hands and arms that makes hedge trimming challenging and often painful.  These hedge trimmers were advertised in Arthritis Today magazine as being recommended by the Arthritis Foundation.  So when I needed new trimmers I decided to try the Fiskars PowerGear line. So far I am very happy with them.  They are relatively light and easy to handle.  The handles are made out of some kind of plastic and give a good grip.  The blades are quite sharp and at least until I gunk them up the movement is very smooth.  The cutting motion is a little odd because of the way it is hinged with the PowerGear feature, but you quickly get used to it. I was able to trim three small bushes in about 45 minutes.  They were cut very cleanly and the lightweight tool allowed me to shape them quite easily.  I wiped the blades clean to store with a damp papertowel and they were still looking great.

Xenia, OH


Fiskars Bypass Pruners are an Excellent Choice!


I got a pair of Fiskar bypass pruners late last year because the hedges in the front of my house needed cut back in the front because they were too far over onto the sidewalk and the city likes us to have them trimmed back. Mine were long handled pruners that I used to cut back the lower branches with.  They worked extremely well and were helpful in controlling how much of the hedge was to be cut.     I wiped the blade off after each use to dry it and stored them in the basement.  I looked at them quickly this Spring and found them to be in really good condition with no rust on them.

New Kensington, PA


Great tool to have at your disposal


The Fiskars Powergear Bypass Pruner is a great tool to have for gardening or general lawn and landscaping work. We have had a pair of these pruners for a number of years and they have been able to tackle all of our gardening, lawn, and landscaping issues even though we'd probably be better off having a pair of pruners with longer blades. Nevertheless, these have been used to prune a transplanted magnolia tree, give a pruning to shrubs several times a year, and do general clean up of flower beds when flowers die throughout the seasons. They are also great for clipping herbs like rosemary and thyme, when it's nice to have an entire stem for cooking or baking. Ours do not always stayed closed very easily any more, but they've had plenty of use and that's not a serious enough issue to really concern oneself with. When we do finally upgrade to a bigger pair of shears, we may stick with the Fiskars brand since these haven't let us down.

Gulfport, MS


Fair....but could be stronger for the price.


My father was a landscaper when I was growing up, and he was an old-fashioned type of fellow, so in this products defense, maybe my comparison is not exactly fair. Growing up, I used to help my father from time to time with his landscaping duties, and those around our own house. Now all of his tools were "old-skool" to where they all had real wooden handles (bypass pruners included) and they all had metal you could sharpen, and were put together with actual nuts and bolts that could be tightened and adjusted. These purners were very expensive in my opinion, and after about 3 months of personal use on our own property, they failed. The metal on them, not only became dull extremely quickly, but actually ate away at itself! these are put together with rivots, so when it snapped after the 3rd month...there was no way to fix it. I returned it to the store, and it was replaced with no trouble by the store. However, the same exact thing happeded again 2 1/2 weeks later this time. Now keep in mind that I am NOT using these beyond their potential (not trying to hack down a 30 foot spruce with them or anything) but I do use them nearly every day, so they just apparantly can't stand up to frequent use. I sure wish there was a company that could just use old fashioned wood, metal, nuts and bolts again!

Apache Junction, AZ


GREAT sheers!


My husband and I purchased the Fiskars Powergear Bypass Pruners after using and falling in love with their Powergear 22" clippers. Upon buying our first house over two years ago, we already owned an inexpensive pair of no name hand pruners. I thought they would do the job in our first yard, and did not feel the need initially to go out and purchase another set. After a weekend of attempting to trim the bushes around our yard, and the locking mechanism constantly jamming up, and seeing the ease my husband was having with Fiskars larger 22" clippers, we went out and bought the smaller Powergear Bypass Pruner and I only wish we had done it sooner. Just as is the case with the 22" Powergear, the Bypass Pruner is lightweight, but sturdy enough to tackle thicker branches. It operates smoothly and cuts clean, which is important in a pruner. The handle is slightly cushioned which is must needed after an afternoon of pruning.

Ballston Spa, NY


Pretty good pruners for the price.


I have owned Fiskars off and on for many years, and for a moderately priced gardening tool, these bypass pruners get the job done.  There is a more expensive brand out there with noticably better quality, but for someone who has lost a couple sets of pruners over the years, I don't feel so guilty going out and getting another Fiskars pruner if I can't find the one I misplaced.  Bypass pruners are the way to go for a clean and disease free cut of pencil-sized branches.  The pruners available in the stores that do not have the bypass cutting mechanism leave ends of branches crushed and open to injury and disease.  Anyway, these Fiskars are a great tool for the occasional gardener wanting to shape and prune their plants at the end of the growing season.  The blades must be cleaned to prevent them from sticking and to keep disease at bay.  The handles are a comfortable fit and using the blade lock is a must to prevent any accidents after using the tool.  In all, this is a good tool for the money and will give you years of service as long as you keep it clean - and don't lose them!

Glendale, AZ


A Perfect Cut Every Time!


When I put my garden to bed last fall, I knew that I was going to need to purchase a new gardening pruner in April.  I have a couple of [Potentilla][1] bushes and [Red Twig Dogwood][2] shrubs that need periodic pruning, and my old shears were becoming useless.  Recently, I hit the garden center and picked up a pair of **Fiskars Bypass Pruners**.  I can't believe I didn't buy this product sooner.  They're wonderful. I was immediately drawn to the pruners because of the Fiskars name.  I am a quilter, and Fiskars is a well-known brand of scissors and rotary cutters. I assumed if they could design quality scissors for my craft room, then they probably know a thing or two about pruning shears for my garden. Here's what I found... **Softgrip Handles** - The first thing I noticed when I removed the pruners from the package is that the handles are ergonomically friendly.  They are soft and comfy, yet provide a nice grip.  During use, my hands never cramp and my grip never slips, and pruning feels safer. **Sharp, Non-slip Blades** - The non-stick coating and sharp edges means that my pruner blades practically glide through the branches.  There's no tugging or extra effort involved in my pruning and it takes much less effort to get the job done. **Easy to Use** - My hands conform nicely to the design of the pruners.  Even wearing garden gloves didn't impede the use of the product.  I was thrilled by how well the mechanism works to make opening and closing the pruners so effortless. **Lifetime Warranty** - Any time a manufacturer offers a warranty on its product, that's a plus for me. The only problem that I encountered with the **Fiskars Bypass Pruner** is that the blade lock was a little tricky to operate. Once I got the hang of it, though, everything was fine. I could kick myself for not throwing out my old garden shears sooner, and buying the **Fiskars ByPass Pruner** many seasons ago.  This product made my pruning chores so much easier that now I wish I had another shrub--just for an excuse to keep using them. [1]: http://www.viewpoints.com/Shrubs-Potentilla-review-2b346 [2]: http://www.viewpoints.com/Shrubs-Variegated-Red-Twig-Dogwood-review-9a325

Chicagoland, IL


Best one yet that I own .


I have bought many of the pruners, this one works the best,and has been left outside and still in great shape! The handle is comfortable,and it doesn't takes Hercules to use them,I am older ,and that is important to me. Fiskars is a brand I trust,have many of their products, I was so happy to find these.

Fort Worth, TX


Fiskars is a great name in gardening


I have had a pair of Fiskars Bypass Pruners in my gardening Kit for as long as I can remember. The cushy handle makes it much easier to spend more time in the yard and they are a great size for my small hands.Just don't leave them outside like I did - or you will have to buy another pair.

Tucker, GA


Fiskars Powergear Bypass Pruner

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