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Fiskars& Powergear By-Pass Pruner (79366935)

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More expensive but holds up better


I do a lot of gardening and over the years I have gone through a lot of pruners. (Never lend tools to relatives who think gardening tools will work on metal!) I bought these because I had used Fiskars scissors in the past and had been really impressed by the quality of those scissors. While these pruners are more expensive than some other brands out there, it's worth it. They have held up much better. I have had cheaper brands where the latching mechanism never worked, the joint would break when trying to trim rose canes, the handles fell apart, etc. So far, these have had no problems. They cut easily, hold their edge for a decent amount of time, and are comfortable to use. Like all pruners, they have a range of materials they work best on. These don't do the best job on small, leafy growth, but that's what garden scissors are for. Likewise, these aren't meant to cut really thick sticks. Use them on the materials they were designed for, and they are excellent.



Fiskars& Powergear By-Pass Pruner (79366935)

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