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Fiskars 18-Inch 5-Blade Momentum Push Reel Lawn Mower

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The Fiskars Momentum reel mower is a great eco-friendly option!


I found the Fiskars Momentum reel mower when I was searching for a new lawn mower. I wanted something that was eco-friendly (in other words, it didn't use gas), but that would also keep my lawn looking neat and trim. I was also nervous about ending up with one of the older style of reel mowers that are heavy and hard to push. Additionally, I wanted a mower that I could store indoors, because I don't have outdoor storage. The Fiskars Momentum was the perfect choice for me. It doesn't use gas or oil, so there would be no problems storing it inside, and no fumes to worry about either. It's also a budget-friendly option, because you don't have to fill it up with gas (ever!); instead, just pull it out and you're ready to go! The cutting action is awesome (it even cuts through small twigs), and the mower is easy to push and maneuver around the yard. One of the best features about the Momentum is the adjustable mowing height, which ranges from 1" to 4" - higher than most other reel mowers. The only downside is that this mower doesn't cut weeds well at all. All in all, I'm very happy with my Fiskars Momentum. It's a fantastic option for anyone looking for an environmentally-friendly lawn mower.

Durham, NC


Fiskars Momentum Reel Mower Makes it easy to go GREEN


We decided to purchase a reel mower for the first time 2 weeks ago. We have been extremely pleased with the product since we first opened the box. First, the box was as small as it could possibly be which is great because of less waste. Second, when we opened the box, we only had to assemble the handle and attach it to the actual mower base (took under 10 minutes). The mower worked great from the first use. I have to warn prospective buyers that have never used a reel mower that until you get your lawn under control (if it is overgrown at all), you will have a little challenge mowing. But, the blades are sharp, they cut very well, you help the planet and your body. I love how the clippings are thrown forward instead of back to your feet. I like that you can use the left side of the mower to "edge." It's wonderful that I can adjust the cutting height of the mower deck, and there are 4 positions to adjust the handle. It's very easy to adjust the handle and the deck height. Other reviews warn that this mower cannot handle crab grass. That's partially true. If the crab grass is overgrown (ours was over 6 inches when we first mowed), the mower might not be able to cut it all. But, when the crab grass just needs a little trim (regular growth), I had no issues getting the mower to cut it. I appreciate the lack of noise, gas smell, and vibration from this reel mower compared to a gas powered mower. I definitely recommend purchasing this reel mower.

Huntington, IN


Fiskars 18-Inch 5-Blade Momentum Push Reel Lawn Mower

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