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Fisherman's Friend
Fisherman's Friend Menthol Cough Suppressant Lozenges

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Packs A Strong Punch


Growing up as a child my Grandfather used to swear by Fisherman's Friend. He always kept packages on hand in the cupboard for whenever he had a sore throat or persistent tickle. I can see why. These lozenges are really strong! Much stronger than any other cough drops I have tried. My favorite is the Original Extra Strong version. Due to their strength they provide many benefits. They work well to help suppress that persistent tickle. Their strength also works effectively in soothing a sore throat and numbing them. On top of that they help clear any congestion, they really help clear out your sinuses. Due to their small size, they are easy to consume. Despite their somewhat small size, they are actually slow dissolving which I like because it means I can suck them for a longer period of time and get the full benefits. Much like my Grandfather, I now keep these on hand, especially in the winter months, along with Halls Cough Drops. I would give these Fisherman's Friend lozenges a full 5 star rating.


New York, NY


Fisherman's Friend Could Also be Your Best Friend Against Coughs


Got a bad cough? If you do, you are likely going to reach for a cough drop to provide some quick relief. Cough drops may not relieve as effectively as syrup, but that doesn't matter to loyal cough drop users who would still rather use a cough drop than anything else. A brand of cough drop some of these individuals might reach for is Fisherman's Friend Cough Suppressant Lozenges. Fisherman's Friend Cough Suppressant Lozenges are medium in size and are formulated to control coughs and possibly soothe the throat just a little to control sore throat pain. Fisherman's Friend Cough Suppressant Lozenges take a little longer to dissolve completely when compared to other cough drops, but this isn't necessarily a bad quality to have because slower dissolving time means the relief is likely to last a little longer. And how, exactly, do Fisherman's Friend Cough Suppressant Lozenges work against coughs? Well, based on a few trial runs, these cough drops seem about as good or better than most others and they seem like they can pull their own weight in the cough suppression category. I usually take a pair of drops at a time in order to maximize the benefits and I find that my throat does feel smoother and my coughing does diminish. Cough drops are still not as good as cough syrups and many other forms of cough relief because cough drops usually contain too little actual medicine and because the medicine is used up once the cough drop is finished. Fisherman's Friend Cough Suppressant Lozenges are not outstanding in the cough relief department, but they do perform better than other drops and they can make a difference as you fight a cold, the flu, etc. Cough Suppression Consumers get some decent cough supression with this product.


Houston, TX


Fisherman's Friend is a Coughers Friend


That Cough - most of us know about it. The cough that starts as a tickle, giving you no notice of the uncontrollable hacking about to present itself. It never ceases that That Cough comes at the most inopportune times..in church, in line at the grocery store, at some other place that a hacking fit will bring too much unwanted attention your direction. Lay your tired achy body down for a much needed rest and here it comes..That Cough. That Cough that will not cease until way after you have pulled every muscle in your body and tears are streaming down your face. I have experienced all of the above and quite frankly, That Cough is embarassing. People look at you like you have some kind of plaque. Thank goodness I finally found Fisherman's Friend Cough Suppressant Lozenges. These are suprising little lozenges, the taste and look is kinda wierd, but boy do they work. No, I am not a Fisherman, but these lozenges are a dear friend to me when That Cough comes calling. I have got something that works on That Cough now!


Newton, NC


My night time hacking begged for a Friend.


Sleeping *and* sanity seem threatened when your post-nasal drip takes over. I found my first **Fisherman's Friend** **Menthol Cough Suppressant Lozenges** at the drugstore.  (For the best formula and flavor variety they're now easiest to track down online.)  **Fisherman's** soothed my throat ***and*** comforted my music students.  Prior to these plain flat lozenges, my fits of coughing scared my kids.  "Go on playing," I'd gasp as their eyes widened. **Menthol Lozenges** served well for daytime.  But on my second trip to the drugstore, I found **Fisherman's Sugar Free Mint Lozenges.**  **Sugar Free Fisherman's** led to more comfortable nights' sleep.  One lozenge lasted most of the night, hugged tight between my teeth and my cheek.  (This may be a risky solution for some, but it works for me.)  Special pleasure?  I stopped feeding cavities while my **Friend** stopped coughs. Then, when my neighbor's Chinese Elm started to drop pollen, **Fisherman's** wound down in the friend department.  Violent coughing required something stronger.  I now found **Fisherman's Friend Original Extra Strong Menthol Cough Suppressants**.  Peppy little things.  Their oval shape's the color of concrete -- a really no-nonsense color compared to the pristine white of the other formulas.  Open the paper pack and take a whiff.  Wheeeeee...  *The only problem is they contain sugar.* ***The Active Ingredient*** in **Original Extra Strong** is *Menthol 10mg*.  ***Inactive Ingredients?***  *Capsicum* (I told you they were peppy), *dextrin*, *eucalyptus oil*, *natural licorice*, *sugar*, and *tragacanth*.  Just a minute, let me look that one up...  Okay: ***** A young pharmacist named James Lofthouse developed the original **Original Fisherman's** as a liquid in 1865.  His intention was to help Icelandic deep-sea fishermen with severe respiratory problems from the cold.   When Lofthouse's potion proved a success, fishermen started talking about it as their "friend".  Eventually the pharmacist abandoned the liquid for a solid, easily portable equivalent. I never abandoned **Fisherman's**, but I did go back to the sugar-free lozenges in solid concert with  [Zicam-Nasal-Spray-review-a5fc1][1] (actually a review of **Zicam Allergy Gel**).  Both are natural products. Today **Fisherman's Friend Lozenges** are shipped to hacking people worldwide.  In the U.S., at least, they are distributed by *Pez Candy Inc* of Orange, Connecticut.  This *Pez* connection is not an invitation to wholesale consumption though my dog, Shelby, would like to think otherwise.  ***Be sure and read the Warnings on the package*** before popping one in your mouth.                                                             # # # # # ***** * Tragacanth,* according to ***Wikipedia*** is the natural gum derived from dried sap of a number of species of Middle-Eastern legumes.  *Tragacanth* has various nicknames including *Shiraz Gum*, *Goat's Horn*, and *Gum Dragon*.  The biggest producer of *Tragacanth* is Iran.  Further, generous details in Wikipedia are *fascinating*! [1]: http://www.viewpoints.com/Zicam-Nasal-Spray-review-a5fc1


Los Angeles, CA


Fisherman's Friend Menthol Cough Suppressant Lozenges

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