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Fisher-Price Tree Party Cradle 'n Swing

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Its Just OK....


I have had a fisher price swing before but never had a problem until i recently bought this swing for my baby girl (my first girl) i loved it instantly! it was so beautiful and appealing to the eye. I did not know until i brought my baby home and started using it the problems i would be facing. after about five minutes of so of it swinging it would stop and make a mechanical clicking sound. waking the baby and myself up. also the lights are very pretty and they would not stay on they too would shut off after about five minutes of use. my overall satisfaction is poor. very poor the comfort of the swing is also poor. there is a huge dip in it where the baby's bottom goes so its like she is sitting on a potty or something and the couchion there is very thin, so she is uncomfortable on the hard plastic. it was very easy to put together i did it myself. overall i would not recommend this product simply because its not worth the money. if you want it just for looks and not for use then and only then would it be satisfactory.



Fisher-Price Tree Party Cradle 'n Swing

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