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Fisher Price Take-Along Hop-n-Pop

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Our little man took to his Hop-n-Pop immediately!


Almost since birth, our little boy has been very active.  When he was about 5 months old, we knew he needed something more active than a swing or bouncy seat but safer than a walker.  Fisher-Price's Take-Along Hop-n-Pop was the perfect toy for him!  When seated in the hop-n-pop, he could enjoy looking all around the room and feeling upright.  He was surrounded by several eye-catching toys that he seemed to enjoy.  Over the next few days, he began to learn how to jump and activate the lights and music--then his enjoyment skyrocketed.  He loved/loves to jump!  His strength and ability to jump has really improved, and he enjoys it every time we put him in it. We love its small size--we can take it with us to other people's houses when we go visit.  Folding it up is very simple, and it's not too heavy.  It still takes up a bit of room in the trunk, though; this is definitely not something you'd want to carry with you on a bus or something. We have not been happy with the two toys at the back of the tray (one on each side).  He enjoys the toys, but they're top-heavy and supported by thin, flexible rubber.  Within a couple of weeks, the toys were sagging down to the tray, no longer standing up straight.  All in all, however, we have been pleased.

Sugar Land, TX


My son loved his Hpp N Pop


When we got the Hop N Pop for a baby shower gift three years ago I was SOOOO excited. It was only available online, and didn't think I would be getting it. I have never seen this toy anywhere else either, which is strange. Because we LOVED it!!! It was great when we were going to visit other people. It made a great travel toy, and I also knew the baby was in a secure place. My son loved this toy! It had fun noises and plays music. I think it made his legs strong, and he was an early walker. He also just liked to sit in it and hang around. He never really liked the bouncer, or the swing. He always preferred  this. My favorite feature of this toy is the fact that you could break it down and put it in the trunk. He took this thing EVERYWHERE! It folds flat, and is pretty easy to set up. I have to admit, my daughter who came later wasn't as crazy about it as my son was. But then again we didnt travel as much with her. Give this toy a try!

Humble, TX


Fisher Price Take-Along Hop-n-Pop

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