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Fisher Price Step and Play Piano

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Great Transistion piece for baby


I love this product. It has transistioned from learning to sit to walking/running on the keys and singing. I love the different song options. My daughter has so much fun with this. She still plays with it all the time. I would recommend this product to any parent. It get much more use than more traditional exersaucers. I can see my daughter playing with it for many more months, if not years. Versatility This toy is extremley versatile. It transition from needing help sitting and being in the seat, to working on standing, to standing and walking. Durability I have had no issue with this toy holding up. My child has banged on it many times and there is no sign of wear. Safety When the seat is on I had no issues with safety. Now that my child is standing, and walking and running, she will sometimes slip on the keys. But it is no difference from her slipping on a floor. Ease of Cleaning Like many toys it is not the easiest to clean. There are many nook. I typically just take a bleach wipe and wipe it down and it stays pretty clean. Ease of Assembly This was easy to put together. There are easy instructions and the pieces pop together. It is easy to pop the seat on and off once the baby is old enough to stand without the support.



For the price, best toy I have bought my daughter so far.


This was and still is my daughters favorite toy, it has the seat so that when your baby is still unable to walk they are able to sit and play and it allows them to spin around and reach all of the toys, except if your baby has short arms it might be hard for them to reach the rattle and the little trumpet. The piano that they step on plays music when they step on a key as well as the mini piano they can play with their hands. I bought this for my daughter when she was 6 months old and she still plays with it at 16 months and loves it. I would highly recommend this toy to anyone with young children, boys or girls.

Portland, OR


Fisher Price Step and Play Piano

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