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Fisher-Price Stand 'n Ride Duo Stroller

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Get lots of compliments on this stroller


Usually I am great about checking reviews on things before I buy them, but this time I just went off of it's looks. I purchased my stroller off of Craigslist, not really knowing much about it and thankfully it has turned into an item that we really love! The Fisher Price Stand N Ride Duo Stroller has lots of great features. It has excellent storage underneath which is a definite bonus when obviously you are carrying two kids around. It also looks really sharp. I always get a lot of compliments on it. My kids sit or stand comfortable in it and we can travel art fairs or the zoo or museums and things like that in it are no problem. We did have a problem folding it up at first. For some reason, it was a muscle match. But my husband took the grip off the top of the handle, and since then we have had no problems. Also, I would agree with others and say I wish the cupholders were bigger and also deeper. But overall, the price is great and it is very handy.

Beverly Hills, CA


It has its ups and downs!


When we had our second child we started to look for a stroller that would be able to hold both of them. I did a lot of research to try to find quality and comfortablity. My husband ended up getting this one convincing me that this was the way to go. Pros about the fisher price stroller is fits through doors easily unlike the side by side. It seperates the children so that they can't touch each other and fit. It goes up and down easily. The child can get in and out easily. It has good natural colors that compliment a boy or a girl. Cons to the fisher price stroller it is super squeky. The brakes sometimes fall down or the child in the back pushes them down causing it to fall super quick. The front seat cannot recline without getting in the way of the child in the back. and there is only on covering for both children to share. It has an ability to make a huge shopping bag place but I have never used it. Both through the good and bad it has done its job.

West Jordan, UT


great for 2 kids, very sturdy


This stroller has made our lives on outings a whole lot easier.  It is very easy to set up and colapse.  The front seat can sit straight up or recline almost all the way back.  In the second row, the child can either sit or stand.  The second row seat has a 3 point buckle attached, so you don't have to worry about a little kid who's not quite old enough jumping off and running.  My older kids have easy access to the standing feature and get on and off without assistance.  The coolest feature about this stroller is the giant basket you can create instead of using the second row seating or standing.  It hooks in along the frame up toward the handle and can hold tons of stuff.  It's great for doing a pool day or for a grocery shopping trip so you don't have to use a cart.  This stroller is MASSIVE.  It's very heavy.  It is easy to push though and the frame is super sturdy.   It's easy to fold down and the wheel locks work very well. 

Blacklick, OH


I'll never reccommend another stroller again!


It's true, this stroller is hard to find and often pricey. For good reason. If you come across this stroller and have any plans of having more than one child, BUY IT! We had a 5 year old and 2 year old when we purchased this stroller and were going on a family vacation with some friends who also had a 7,5, & 3 year olds. I cannot imagine our vacation without these strollers. With the ability to use an infant carrier up front when needed, the swinging opening try up front, the parent tray, and room for another kid in back ( at times we had 2 in back) I see no reason to ever purchase another stroller. On a recent trip to Disney we brought along our trusty stroller and our now 6 year old was happy to walk most of the time. In addition to the under carriage storage net, the back seat can be converted into another storage area. It's perfect for the jackets and junk accumulated over the day! Our friends purchased the stroller as soon as they saw ours and have also loved it! We both get compliments on our strollers all the time! Often being told we are driving the "cadillac of strollers!" This stroller is worth more than I paid!

Victor, ID


I do love this stroller!


I got this stroller at a discount store, and it has been a great find. I love that I don't have to chase my 3 yr old and 1 yr old around the store. It has been a great stroller for almost everywhere! I use it at the mall, grocery store, off road. I love the option to use the basket that stretches out to different sizes for storage.(Although you can't put in anything tooo heavy). The only real complaint I have about this stroller, is that the handle grip came off shortly after buying, but that was easily fixed with some tennis grip. Also sometimes this stroller can be hard to turn, but that is expected with a stroller this big, and it is sometimes too big for stores with little isles.

Spring, TX


The best sit-and-stand design for the money


I LOVE this Fisher Price Stand-n-Ride stroller! The basket under the bench is easily accessible, and is HUGE. It can hold my not-so-small diaper bag and still has room for extras. Putting it together took a little time (lots of nuts and bolts), but it is sturdy and has more than enough storage for everything we go out with. Absolutely LOVE that there is additional storage if you need it by extending the extra storage basket that is behind the toddler bench. The only disadvantage I have found is the cupholder. It is shallower on one side which can cause the cups to tip easily. We remedied this by purchasing a third-party cup holder. Problem solved. I would HIGHLY recommend this product!

Galloway, OH


Fisher-Price Stand 'n Ride Duo Stroller

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