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Fisher-Price Soothing Massage Bouncer

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Massage Bouncer is a great baby soother and hand free-er!


This was a useful hand-me-down that I could live without but it is nice to have. A great place to put baby while cooking or doing laundry. This bouncer has sounds, vibration, and a massager. I am not crazy for the latter, but she seems to enjoy it sometimes. The vibration does soothe her, but she will only stay happy in the bouncer if she is dry, fed, and burped - obviously. The sounds are really nice, there are three options - lullaby, new age, and nature sounds. I usually turn on my own music and use this feature occasionally. The color is very nice and unisex, it is not as blue as it seems. And anyway, who said girls can't have blue? Boys in pink, that is a different story! Unfortunately I can't say much for the teether and massager toys as they were missing. The cover is removable and easily washable. This bouncer is a little bit on the heavy side (9 lbs) as the massager in the back adds some weigh, but it does have a very comfortable carry handle on the top. The batteries last a while, at least I haven't changed them after two months of regular use. It is very inexpensive and the only bouncer out of the cheaper ones that has a canopy. Good quality, features, and design for this price.

Methuen, MA


On my 3rd baby and this is still a life-saver!!


Let me start by saying, I love this bouncer!! We got it when my oldest (now 6) was a baby as a gift. At first I thought it was ridiculous that a BABY would need a MASSAGE, but let me tell you that this has saved me from many backaches and tireless nights of walking them back and forth when they won't sleep. The best feature I have found is the vibrator. The only thing I don't like about it is that there is no automatic shut-off feature like there is with the massage and music features. The vibrator, though, has put all 3 of my children to sleep like nothing else. This, in combination with the music, has helped my youngest fall asleep when her 2 older sisters are screaming and running around. It has also lasted through 3 children because the cushion comes out and is machine-washable. So it has remained perfectly clean - and new-looking - in spite of the spit up, exploding diapers and other typical baby messes.

Wheeling, IL


i think this is one of the best invintions in the world.


first of all i would like to start out by stateing that my three month old little girl has colicy tendenceies. her doctor calls it night time colic. this toy has put an end to many many restless nights. my daughter gets so very very upset when she thinks your trying to put her to sleep how ever with this chair you can detach the bar that connects to the top with all of lights and the rattler on it. then you put it on vibrate and you add the extra bounce with one of your fingers and yoour child will be a sleep in minutes. it's amazeing because my daughter hates her swing. this toy is also a very good klearning toy. when she is awake i put her in the chair with the lights going (multiple colors) and the toy attachments swinging back and forth the rattler rattling, she is so very very entertyained some times she will sit in that chair for about an hour its just amazeing. of course i dont leave her unattended but its great if your trying to cook or fold laundry. the shape of this toys is ind of wierd but it's a nutral color for boy or girl. i reccommend this to all parents, even my husband enjoys watching her goo and gah  

Katy, TX


The Soothing Massage chair from fisher price works miracles!


When I got the Soothing Massage Chair for my daughter I wasn't sure if it would work. I found myself thinking, wouldn't a shiatsu massage bother a baby? Thankfully I was very wrong! My daughter loves this chair so much. It is pretty much the only place she will sleep now. It kind of saved me in a way. When we first brought her home she only wanted to sleep by my side. This was difficult on me andmy boyfriend. He didnt feel comfortable sleeping with the baby for fear of squishing her and nothing would change his mind. We were given an old wooden cradle by my mother but baby wanted nothing to do with it. We also tried a papasan swing, but she kept falling half way out and would wake up very upset because she was bent at the middle with her head hanging out of the swing. Then we bought a smaller more infant friendly swing and she refused that. I put the word out to friends and family that I needed help. Finally a friend told me about the soothing massage chair by fisher price. Like I said before, I wasnt entirely sold on the idea of shiatsu massage for infants but we decided to get one anyways and give it a shot. It not only massages it also has a vibration setting. It also features three different sound settings: nature, night, and water. Turns out my daughter loves to have her back massaged and loves sounds of the ocean. Now she has her own space to sleep in. This chair is awesome and I would recommend it to anyone and everyone! If your little one wont sleep alone and your partner wont sleep with the little one, try this chair first. I wish I hadnt spent so much money on other furniture for her and had known about this chair in the first place.

Gladstone, OR


Fisher-Price Soothing Massage Bouncer

5.0 4