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Fisher-Price Ready 2 Wear Digital Baby Monitor

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good for the price, little or no interference


The Fisher Price Wireless Digital Baby Monitor is a pretty good product that you can get for a reasonable price. It comes with 2 receivers, so you can use one in the bedroom for overnight, and use one downstairs for when you are up but the baby is asleep. It doesn't come with all of the bells and whistles that some of the baby monitors now have, but i don't think you really need all of that stuff. I don't see the need for a camera, because if the baby starts to cry you don't need to see it, you can hear it. There are a few issues with it. It will pick up interference some of the time which can be a hassle, especially when it is late at night. It is also really sensitive, which is a good thing most of the time, but it makes a small noise seem like a crashing sound some of the time. The sound quality isn't great on it, but it's good enough to hear if the baby is moving, restless, or is crying obviously. It has one nice feature and that is the colored lights that change as noise is made. When the baby cries loudly, it lights all the way up to red, and can show various degrees of noise by how many lights appear. All in all this is a good product that you can get for like 40 bucks. i would recommend it for an expecting parent.


Oxford, PA


The Fisher-Price Monitor has been one of the most helpful items.


The Fisher-Price monitor has been one of the most helpful items we could have.  Allows us to hear the baby from one end of the house to the other.  Also, we can take a receiver outside when doing other chores.  The receiption has far exceeded our last experience (15 years ago) with no crackling and popping.    Definitely a must have for any nursery.


Louisville, KY


Would not buy another fisher-price baby monitor


I registered for this baby monitor because it was a good price and i wanted something basic but after just six months one of the receivers went out and the other one is barely hanging in there. The second receiver has lasted almost 3 years but it is very picky about the volume and where i place it to pick up the monitor. i really like the monitor part of the system is has a night light in it that my son like and i fnd handy when i peek in to check on him. this system has been good for traveling its just seems that i really got what i paid for. i would not buy another one when i purchase my next baby monitor and will do more research about the fisher price line of baby monitors in the future. i trusted the fisher price name when selecting this product but maybe baby monitors is not their expertise. i get alot of static noise through my receiver and i have to turn the volume way up to hear what is going on in my sons room. a very disapointing buy:(


Mesa, AZ


Fisher-Price monitor is just OK


I will admit my Fisher-Price monitor is still usable and it has been two years but I will not go so far as to say it is an excellent monitor. It has alot of interferance no matter which channels I use, at one point I was able to get my neighbors monitor but not my own! The plugs are not very sturdy my last fisher price monitor's plug came apart just from the back and forth plugging and unplugging it from the wall unit to make it portable! My current one is doing Okay but the plug in on this one is starting to show some wear and tear also so I have a feeling it may need to be replaced soon too. I will say that yes when I can get the stars aligned and get clear signal then yes it is a great monitor, unfortunatly I live in the pacific northwest and you can very rarely get a clear night here to align the stars for such a thing, even as I type this it is sitting next to me making its anoying static sound.


Kent, WA


These are the best monitors around


These monitors are the best I have found. The first set i had quit within the first two weeks which was kind of ok since my daughter was still sleeping in our room but our room began to get to small for all of her stuff. Then we decided to move her into her room when we got our new monitors. As we all know, the night your move your baby into their own room, is the night you get the least sleep. Well, me and my husband tested hese monitors out for about 30 minutes until i was content. We found out you could walk into her room, which has carpet, and the monitor in my room would light up. AMAZING! IAlso, these monitors are portable so i just hook it on my belt loop or somthing if im runnin out to take the trash out. And these monitor reach up to 100 FT! I would never go that far away from her but still! Of course i still had trouble sleeping the first night but it was only that night. i have slept great since then. I would recommend these to every new mom!


Murray, KY


This is it


I have had many moniters in my life this one has beat them all. This moniter wasover sensitive in the begining I could pick out my husband coughing in the next room over this thing. But we did have a fan going in the babys room and i think that helpe it to tame down. But if it is quiet it will pick up any noise so be carfull how loud you have it! It is great as far as keep up with being pluged in and unplugged and changed channels and back again. We move it around every day from the downstair to upstairs and have never even heard any static noise or anything. It is a fair price i think compared to the other junk that is on the shelf that crackles the first night you bring it home. I do like the lights flashing to tell me when my baby is stirring and maybe not all the way awake yet. I hope this one will last me through all the baby and todler years when i need to be listing in their rooms !


Allegan, MI


fisher price digital baby moniter is one of the worst to have


The fisher price digital baby moniter is a set of two.  The part you put in your babies room has a night light which don't get me wrong, is awesome, but that is the only thing i can say i like about this baby moniter.  It has two channels on it A and B, A works best but it still picks up every one elses frequents that are across the street or your next door nieghbor. That is what i do not like about this specific baby moniter. The bad thing about picking up someone elses frequencys is..... now hear me out, What would happen if you thought you were listening to yours because it was quiet, just like it should be in your babies room but come to find out, Your baby was crying and the neighbors baby is who you were really listing too!!!  It's a little creapy. The other thing is, you have to have the baby moniter sitting in the right spot of the room or it becomes staticy and you wont be able to hear anything but that. Now would i reccomend this to someone who is looking for a cheap baby moniter????...... No I would not but, maybe someone else will have a different experience with theirs than i did.


Cedar Rapids, IA


great system - better than our video monitor!


This Fisher Price monitor has been great!  We originally got a color video monitor when we had our baby.  It only worked SOME of the time - no good for (new) parents! We replaced it with this digital one, which I selected because of the two receivers.  We have set up in the kitchen, and the sound is so good you can hear if he cries from anywhere downstairs.  The other is in our bedroom, and again funtions so well that it's like a monitor for the entire second floor.  The lights are a nice feature that lets you see how loud the baby is crying without having to keep the sound turned way up.  We haven't had any problems with static or frequency issues, and it works well when we take it outside.  There are multiple channels to make sure you are getting the best connection, which is great.  We have taken it with us on several trips, and it is small and sleek and packs up easily for travel.  I highly recommend it!


Gastonia, NC


Fisher price baby monitors need some work


I lvoe fisher price i believe they make the best stuff out there for babies and toddlers, however, their monitors i feel could use some work. I recently bought some baby monitors from fisher price.com when i got them they had so much static it was rediculous! so i returned them thinking maybe it was shipping that caused it. So i went to wal mart and bought the exact same ones! again same problem. The static was so bad i couldnt hear when my baby threw up. So again i loved fisher price so much i gave them the benefit of the doubt thinking maybe its because i bought them from walmart, ya know you get what you pay for type thing. So i went to target, and i just could not believe it, i had the same problems with this set. I was so disappointed with fisher price on this product and it killed me. I dont suggest mothers who have a two story house get these. I hope that this will help some of you out there.


Houston, TX


Fisher Price 5 star monitor


I received this Fisher Price Baby Monitor from my dad, who used it to spy on his neighbor who is crazy and it helped them from a whole regular yard house to house to get good reception. I am proud of this monitor because if my cat is outside meowing I can hear it through the monitor on the other side of our apartment. You can put this monitor in the bathroom next to the baby and still hear the baby suck on his pacifier. I was shocked about how great this montior can pick up sounds, just leaving it on all the time, i can hear someone open our screen door, and im in a two bedroom house. This montior has never let me down, it has a great charge when its not pluged into the power cord, and I can leave my son in his crib asleep and go to the upstairs appartment or to get the mail over two hundred feet away and hear that hes okay. I can even hear noises from outside, for example trucks passing on the main street, or the other night I heard someones house alarm going off from a block away. I love this monitor because it has fantastic results in doing its job, which is letting me hear whats going on with or around my child anytime of the day. I recomend this baby monitor form FisherPrice to any parent.


Port Charlotte, FL


Fisher-Price Ready 2 Wear Digital Baby Monitor

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