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Fisher-Price Precious Planet Happy Giraffe Bouncer

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Great Bouncer!


I got the Fisher Price Precious Planet Happy Giraffe Bouncer for my baby shower, I'm really glad I got it as a gift because I do feel like it is a little pricey for a bouncer. Besides the price I really love this bouncer, I fell in love with the bright colors and cute animals. My son really enjoyed it for the first 3 months, after that he learned how to roll and it wasn't safe to keep him in it. I loved having it because it gave me a chance to take a shower or give me a break from holding him when he was an infant. My biggest complaint about it, and what stopped me from giving it 5 stars, is that the music stops after one little song. Every time you want to play a song and I think there are only 2 or 3 you have to pull one of the toys, and after one song you have to pull again. I would have really liked it to play a few songs before turning off. There are two vibrating modes, high and low, and there are three little toys that the baby can play with. The toys do not come off and it took a while for my son to be able to reach the toys. I would recommend this bouncer to others if they like the precious planet theme, but I am sure you can find something much cheaper if the theme doesn't matter.


Bakersfield, CA


Fisher Price Precious Planet Happy Giraffe Bouncer is great!


The Fisher Price Precious Planet Happy Giraffe Bouncer is a great bouncer for babies! We used this one with my daughter for her first few months and it was wonderful at soothing her! My daughter loved all of the toys above and was constantly staring and playing with them. She also loved the cute songs that the bouncer played. The vibrating was also a hit with her and helped her nap, and was especially helpful when she had a stomach ache. The tiny vibrations soothed her tummy, which was great! I loved that this was really affordable and extremely easy to put together. The colors are very bright and attracted my daughters eye. A bit on the bright side for adults, but most baby stuff is I've learned. I really like that it's so simple, yet very effective on babies. So many toys/soothers are overdone with too much extras, and I really feel Fisher Price did right by this. Overall, it's a great swin and I'd recommend to others for sure!


Saint Clair Shores, MI




I love the Fisher Price Bouncers. They kept my daughter happy wherever we used it and most importantly allowed me the chance to take care of me so I could take care of her. We used this every morning for a number of months so I could take a shower. Just bring her in the bathroom, put the seat where I could see her and she could see me and finally I was able to get clean in peace. No more worrying if she woke up early from her nap or if she finally figured out how to roll over or something like that. She was right in front of me, yet I could do what was needed. The seat also works well when you want to eat something yourself or fold laundry. It works jsut about anywhere in the house. I loved that the toy bar is removable and that it made almost no noise. I could turn it on and let her be soothed by the vibrations, but not have to hear the vibrations myself. The bouncer seat also works for picture time too when they are really little. We put a blanket over it and sat her in there so we could get a better picture to share. I would definitely buy another one if ours broke, but so far it is in good shape and ready for the next one.  


Opelika, AL


The Fisher Price Bouncer is a great value and baby loves it!


The Fisher Price Precious Planet Happy Giraffe Bouncer is a great value and was one of my daughter's favorite places to lay. The music worked well - the animal plays after you pull the string. It would have been nice if there was music that you did not have to keep pulling the string to play. The vibrations worked well and were not too noisy. The bounciness was perfect for our daughter. The fabric was very easy to clean - it is machine washable. It was fairly easy to put together - I was able to put it together in about 20-30 minutes. It would be nice if it would fold up - it seems like that would be a pretty easy feature to include in this bouncy seat. The bright colors make this bouncer very visually attractive to babies. Even when we have had other infants over, they are always drawn to this bouncer. After many, many uses, this bouncer is still in perfect condition and can be used again for future children (which says a lot about its durability).


Pearland, TX


Best Way to Calm My Fussy Baby


Our daughter loves to spend time in this bouncer. With or without the bar, she enjoys the gentle vibration setting and the up and down of the bounce. The fabric portion of this bouncer washes up very well. I write from experience, our little girl has thrown everything she's got at it :). And, the base is sturdy and stable. The toy bar is fun for the baby, without being overdone. The side toys are rattles and the lion in the middle plays two songs, meows, and snores. The bar is position far enough down on the toy that it does not hang near the baby's face. It's just the right height and position that they can reach out their little hands and grab the toys. This aspect of the design was well thought out. The bouncer works best with light children. Once your baby hits about 18 pounds, it will dip pretty far back when you put them in it. I wish it was a bit sturdier because the baby still loved the bouncer when she was too big for it.


Mc Lean, VA


A lifesaver!


My rough and rowdy son can tear up any toys if he really tries but has yet to dismember this awesome bouncy seat! We got this seat as a hand-me-down and he has pretty much lived in it for the past 7 months. This has been such a lifesaver for us; without it we'd have a very fussy little guy. The best thing about it is the fact that it is flexible enough to allow baby to bounce himself. It's a huge value and has the removable toy bar. Personally, my son didn't care too much for the toy bar and would rather look around, but it's nice to have it there anyway! It also has a vibrating mechanism, but the batteries run out pretty quickly and it only interested my son for about five minutes. The material is also really durable and is machine washable-- trust me, I know, after washing it about ten times! This, or any bouncy seat, is an absolutely must have for new parents. It has allowed me to move my son from room to room so I can shower, do laundry, and other everyday household chores. I highly recommend it!


Little Rock, AR


Precious Planet Bouncy Seat is a great learning tool for infants


I got this bouncy seat as a Christmas gift a few months ago. My three month old has never liked the swing we had, so we were skeptical that she would enjoy yet another device that would strap her in and hold her hostage! We were wrong, to a certain extent. Our daughter is a very active child: at six months now she prefers to be on the floor scooting across the room rather than be restrained in any seat. When we first got it, the monkey made my daughter cry. She kept looking at the purple hippo, and basically ignored the lion in the middle. Being only three months old at the time, she didn't know to pull the lion's ring to make him purr, meow, or play two songs. She hated the bouncy at first. We kept putting her in it, though, because it was convenient, and it reclined more than the swing, which seemed to make her less irritated. A few weeks later, she learned how to bounce herself without any help from us. And so for about 30 minutes at a time, she would bounce, bounce, bounce. By 4 months old, she had figured out how to pull the ring to make the lion make noise. Oh, how she loved it! The songs it plays are not too loud and not too annoying.  And, oh, yeah...she finally stopped hating the monkey! The purple hippo has a rattle with small beads, and the monkey has a rattle with larger beads so each one makes a different rattling sound. The seat is made of a nice, brushed fabric with lots of padding. The only thing I don't like about it is if my daughter moves around in it a lot, the fabric makes a "farting" noise from the friction. So now, that she is six months old, she's got this thing down pat and has become bored with it. I would say, if your little one is fairly laid back, go for it. If your little one is anything like mine, active and bored easily, it might not be a good investment, unless you buy used.


Chicago, IL


The Happy Giraffe Bouncer is a great place to play and snooze!


The Fisher Price Happy Giraffe Bouncer is a great place for my baby to play and snooze and it allows me to have both hands free to get things done around the house.  I love the bright colors and the cute animals.  The lion makes two sounds (a meow and a purr) and plays two different songs but it is not loud or annoying like some baby toys. The hippo and monkey are rattles and the rings hanging from the animals are easy for baby to grasp and the bright colors encourage her to reach for them. My baby seems very comfortable in the bouncy seat and has been from day one.  She is lying down enough to sleep but is upright enough to be able to see what is going on around her.  The harness is easy to use and seems very comfortable for her.  I also like the non-skid feet. I love love love that the cover is machine washable and air dries really fast so I never have to live without it for more than an hour or two!


Albany, NY


Bright and Colorful for a happy baby


THe fisher price precious planet happy giraffe bouncer is a great aide to a new mom. This bouncer offers a vibrating option for baby who likes that extra little movement. I used this since the day we brought my daughter home from the hospital. When she was just born it conformed to her body making it easy to set a new born in there. As she has grown older she likes when it bounces as a result from her moving around. She is now able to reach for the toys and make them move or sing. This fisher price bouncer is just perfect for those parents who can't hold the baby all day. The bouncer is light weight and very easy to move from room to room. You can often find mine in the kitchen while I am cooking dinner. The toy bar is removable so you can put it on when baby is ready for toys. Also the material is machine washable, which is wonderful because you never know what baby will do next! I recommend this to any mom or dad!


Willoughby, OH


Love the Happy Giraffe Bouncer, perfect for play and nap time!


I received the Fisher Price Happy Giraffe Bouncer as a shower gift an thought it was so adorable.  The Precious Planet theme is too cute and it goes well with the Fisher Price Rain Forest theme nursery set that I already hadset up.   I have been using it since my son was born, he is now four months and loves his Happy Giraffe bouncer.  When he is awake he bats at the hanging toys and giggles at the music.  The little toy animals are just adorable, I only wish the music lasted longer but that does not seem to be a problem for my baby boy.  I find it wonderful and easy to set him in the bouncer while he naps.  The vibrating seat keeps him sleeping and it easily bounces him if he stirs.  We also got a very expensive Fisher Price Soothing Motions Glider on loan from a cousin, but I found my baby really prefers the Happy Giraffe bouncer.  I would gladly recomend this bouncer to anyone, and possibly buy it for a shower gift as it is not terribly expensive.


Franklin, TN


Fisher-Price Precious Planet Happy Giraffe Bouncer

4.7 11