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My First Craftsman
Fisher-Price Power Wheels F-150 My First Craftsman Truck


My First Craftsman Truck Lets Kids Feel What It's Like To Drive Their Own Wheels

Kids won't be able to get enough of their Power Wheels My First Craftsman Truck Ford F150. They’ll experience the raw power of the F150 as they drive through whatever terrain comes their way. Your child will feel like the king of the road or at least the driveway in this awesome truck. To make the toy even more fun, there is realistic styling to deliver off-road driving and storage. 

As a kid, he’ll be showing off his fun wheels and as a parent, you’lll want to take as many pictures as possible to capture his joy.

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Fisher-Price Power Wheels are awesome toys for kids ages 2 to 10


Fisher-Price Power Wheels F-150 My First Craftsman Truck is an awesome battery operated toy for kids ages 2 to 10. My 2 year old son, 7 year old daughter, and 8 year old daughter absolutely love playing with theirs. They take turns driving their little brother around the block on sunny days. It doesn't take that long for the battery to charge either. Fisher-Price Power Wheels F-150 My First Craftsman Truck runs for many hours of fun in the sun before it dies, and can charge overnight while they sleep. They love storing their summer toys in the truck bed, like the Frisbee, baseballs, shovels and pail, or even water balloons to take into the median and throw around with the neighbor kids. My kids are the envy of the neighborhood in their Fisher-Price Power Wheels F-150 My First Craftsman Truck. And I am the Cool Mom, because I got it for them. I love that they take turns and share it, and that it allows my kids to all get along and have fun outside.



Wonderful car that will keep the kids busy for hours!


My son loves to drive the Fisher Price Power Wheels vehicle all over the yard! I thought he would be a little young to play with this, but he proved me wrong! The truck is made very well, and there is not a single dent in it after extensive use. This truck is very powerful, and I was surprised how fast it can drive. You definitely need to supervise your child when they play with this truck. The truck resembles a real truck and is very detailed. This is the first toy that my son wants to play with when he is outside. Cleaning the truck can be frustrating, especially when there is a lot of dirt on it. Another problem that will prevent many families from owning this is the large price tag. This is definitely an expensive toy that everyone will not be able to afford. I would still recommend this as an excellent toy for children if you can afford the expensive price tag that comes along with it.



Amazing Power Wheels!!!


Its very easy to assemble.This truck is so realistic looking.I bought this for my 3 yr old son's birthday.My kid love this Fisher-price power wheels, he enjoys his ride and its very strong and its motors are powerful. He even jumps and standing on its seats still no damage is done,its really strong and flexible for kids. Maintainance is easy and super.I am happy to see my son enjoys the ride.The truck can be ride any where like pavement,roads,side walks,grass.This toy is a great way for children to develop their fine motor skills in a fun and safe way.My kid will feel like the prince of the road or at least the driveway in this awesome truck.Its an awesome kids truck,All the kids in our place enjoys a lot.We capture beautiful pictures of my kid with this truck.Its Quality is excellent and price is much cheaper compare to other toys in store. My kids have been able to enjoy this truck so much! The battery lasts quite a while between charges



Fisher-Price Power Wheels F-150 My First Craftsman Truck

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