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Fisher-Price Ocean Wonders Mobile

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This is the best thing I have bought yet!!


The Fisher Price Ocean Wonders mobile is really the best thing I have bought ever. My son just loves it. I have been able to put him to bed awake and this wonderful mobile puts him right to sleep, or at least really entertains him until he drifts off. First, it has lights that project onto the ceiling in the patterns of fish, bubbles and swirls. Lullabies and soothing fishy sounds play as colorful fish float overhead. In the crib baby can play with the squishy pad fishbowl. Once baby is bigger, the mobile converts to sit on top of a dresser, so baby can still be entertained. I love the remote so you can keep the music going without baby seeing you sneak in to turn it back on. It hangs on the doorknob for convenience. I must say as much as I love this, there are a couple of things I dislike. For starters, the music doesnt play very long, I timed it and it is just over 5 minutes or so. Another thing, is when you need to change the batteries, you have to take the whole mobile off of the crib and take the back apart. Meaning you have to take off the piece that hooks onto the crib and then unscrew the battery compartment. That is a little time consuming.   


Norwalk, OH


FP Ocean Wonders Mobile Soothes Babies


My son was not a good sleeper when he was a baby. I researched varioius mobiles to get him and finally decided on the Fisher Price Ocean Wonders Mobile. There are a number of reasons why I would highly recommend this mobile over other ones. The first thing is the bright colors on the mobile (babies have trouble seeing pale colors), the next thing I really love is the fact that you can either have the lights from the mobile shine down on the baby (which I generally didn't chose to use) or you could have the lights focus on the ceiling. I also liked the fact that this mobile had a remote control. Which is great if you hear your baby start to fuss as you can activate it from outside the room without the baby seeing you and wanting to be picked up. I never had a problem with this product. The batteries lasted forever and I could use the product the whole recommended time (they do have to be removed from cribs when the children can reach them due to the strings on the fish). I would highly recommend this to everyone looking for a mobile. I just wish I'd purchased it sooner.


Grand Rapids, MI


Beautiful, soothing mobile that your child will want to keep!


I have 2 Ocean Wonders mobiles because my 4yr old daughter didn't want to give her mobile up when her little brother was born. This mobile is so cute and also beautiful.  It casts pictures of fish and stars across the ceiling that float around the room, plays soothing music, has a little purple patterned night light that shines down into the crib.. just enough so you can see your baby, and cute stuffed fish and little strings of "seaweed" that rotate around.  The base that attaches to the crib is made to look like a fish bowl and had a window of clear plastic, it's filled with a small amount of liquid and there is a little plastic fish inside.  My 4yr old used this mobile every day and night from 7-8 months on up... she still uses it to this day and loves it, she calls it her "fishy light", my 7 month old son has just started showing interest in this and he now settles right down for naps and bedtime as soon as I turn the mobile on.  The battery life is really good, considering how much this mobile is doing at once.. with the light show and motion.  The only cosmetic flaw we've found is that the fluid filled "fish bowl" in the base dries out, all the liquid seems to evaporate out of it and the plastic just shrinks down flat.  But, it doesn't bother the function of the mobile and I never even notice it. 


Gloversville, NY


Cute, easy to use, plethera of options to entertain baby and Mom


While I liked the many options on the Fisher Price Oceans Wonders Mobile, I found the moving lights were too distracting to lull my baby to sleep. But - it has the option of a soft nightlight which is what she would need it to be on to help her drift off. While she was awake and playing, she enjoyed playing with the squishy fishbowl which is included, and watching the lights move over her wall then (just not at bedtime). I loved the remote that comes with this product, it was much easier to set the mobile without having to slip into her room and have her "catch" me and wake herself up. The song selection is about the same as any other mobile, although I did like the inclusion of fishy sounds, which to me, were reminiscent of 'white noise', which my daughter loved. There was also a great selection of patterns for the lights, that too I thought was useful, I also liked the neutral theme, as it perfectly matched my room, and the nursery theme I picked isn't easy to co-ordinate with. All in all, I give this product an 8 out of 10.


Washington, UT


Beware! does not work on sleigh cribs.


We bought this mobile because of the many functions it has. It is a mobile with a great selection of music and lights that shine in shapes on the ceiling above it, It is a crib toy, and can be used as a lamp later. And last but not least it includes a remote. However after trying over and over to use this mobile we took it back to the store. We had bought a sleigh crib for our son and the mobile would not attach firmly to the side. It i really made for the old fashion regular slat crib. We tried setting it up as a lamp so that our son could at least use the neat light feature and the music, but could not get it close enough to the crib for him to be able to see it and enjoy. In the end I would advise you to check and make sure this mobile fits your crib, and to consider if it may be too stimulating for a bed time toy. Our son is easily distracted and having this in his room made it difficult for him to settle down and get to sleep.


Powell, TN


This mobile was a lifesaver!


This mobile was absolutely great!  The best part is the rotating stars that are projected into the ceiling- puts babies to sleep every time.  The fish are bright and cute too, but my son really lived the stars and lights.  The remote is also a HUGE bonus.  The only drawback is that it doesnt attach well to all cribs.  Best baby gift ever!


Medford, NY


i loved the ocean wonders crib mobile!!!


i loved the ocean wonders crib mobile as it was easy to control with a remote. my baby loved it since she was born it helps soothe her to sleep. its just perfect to help out. it also made a good night light for her


Orlando, FL


Fisher-Price Ocean Wonders Mobile

4.7 7