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Fisher-Price Ocean Wonders Aquarium Bouncer Activity Seat

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Fun times 2!


We received this as a gift back in 2005 for the birth of our son.  He enjoyed it but it just never got the use we'd hoped.  Though he wasn't put in it that much, we decided to save it for our second child.  After takign it out of the attic, we decided to keep this bouncer at my parents house so there was an activity for my daughter when we came over there.  This was the best idea.  She LOVES this bouncer.  When she sees it she squeals and loves going in it.  She loves both modes, continuous music and the interactive sounds where it makes sounds when she kicks.  She also loves the variety of sounds and music.  The beach waves are really soothing when she is cranky and the music is great when she is happy.  She happily sit in the Fisher-Price OCean Wonders Aquarium Bouncer Activity seat when we eat dinner or even just to have something to do.  Its a great alternative to sitting in our arms!

Staten Island, NY


The Aquarium Bouncer is my favorite piece of baby equipment


My favorite thing about the Fisher Price Ocean Wonders Aquarium Bouncer is that it is simple.  Many bouncers available now just have way too much going on.  This one plays soothing music and water sounds and has a few toys for the baby to kick or look at, and this is enough.  It is not loud and obnoxious like many musical baby toys, and it has a volume control switch.  This bouncer has be essential for me to be able to get things done when my babies are less than five months old.  It keeps them happy and entertained for long enough that I can take a shower or cook dinner without having to constantly attend to my baby.  My babies have both loved the water sounds and lullabies as well as the fish.  Once the baby is big enough to kick, I love the setting where the music comes on when he or she kicks the fish.  I also used the vibratin setting for my baby when he had an upset stomach, and it worked great.  It does go through batteries quickly, and it can be difficult to store in between children if you do not have an attic, garage, or basement.

Nashville, TN


love and hate


I did love this when I received it as a shower present for my first son but then again you are just so excited at the time and everything seems so cute. I did have a hard time putting it together and it did eat alot of batteries. A lot of batteries. I liked that it had moving fish and bubbles and sounds. I loved the lights and that it vibrated to help sooth my baby. He out grew it fairly fast as it did not handle a baby with a long torso very well. The straps were way too short as well and it made it uncomfortable for him. He outgrew it a lot faster than he should have. I thought this was just how it was supposed to be until I would go over friends houses and he would fit in most of their bouncers very comfortably. I held on to it but by the time my second child came which wasn't long after it never worked the same. The fish would get stuck. You would have to bang on it to get the bubbles moving. He never got any good use from it so I never got to use a bouncer for him.

Crum Lynne, PA


Great bouncer


I got this bouncer seat back in 2004 for my baby shower with my first son. Just this past year (2010) it finally quit working after 3 babies were able to use it! This is a great product and we just love the entire Ocean Wonders line and owned much of it. The seat plays very soothing, pleasant music, and if you have other gear from the Ocean Wonders line, the music will be familiar to the baby. The seat has a vibrating option which is helpful with newborns, and the harness is very secure. When the baby gets older they can use the play setting, in which different sounds are triggered when the baby bats or kicks at the hanging toys. My boys especially loved this feature. The only con was that this used a lot of batteries (4 D batteries), but it was worth the money and we got alot of use out of it. The bottom also folds up for storage and the fabric seat comes off for washing. The seat can be machine washed and dried.

Tuckerton, NJ


A great product for the first six months


While I was pregnant with my son, I did a ton of research on what we needed and what we didn't.  I had read many conflicting opinions on the necessity of swings and bouncers - some parents swore by them, some thought they were unnecessary clutter.  In the end, we found a great deal on one of these bouncers at a consignment shop and snapped it up (we paid less than half of what they retail for, and the bouncer was in nearly new condition). For us, the bouncer turned out to be a great investment, and yes, I'd be willing to pay full price (or almost full price.  Let's not be stupid, I'd still use a coupon) for this item.  In fact, we liked ours so much that when my MIL asked for a recommendation for a friend's baby shower, I suggested this bouncer.  It was a big hit with the new mom as well. My son loved this bouncer.  I could place him in it next to my desk and get some work done while he was entertained by the fish, the music, and the soothing vibrations.  It was also a great place for him to nap.  I think he especially loved the fish and the bubbles in the little aquarium, and once he started babbling, he'd "talk" regularly to the fish, gesturing and pointing and having a good time.  Very cute (and entertaining for mommy!) I liked that I could easily lift the bouncer with one hand and move it from room to room as necessary.  We actually returned a bouncer we had registered for because once it was assembled, the toy bar was not securely attached.  My husband contacted the company thinking we had a defective model, but it turns out the easily removable toy bar was intentional.  The manufacturer did not want parents attempting to lift the bouncer using the toy bar.  Not comfortable with that, we returned the bouncer and bought this one instead.  The toy bar is very securely attached to the bouncer itself and we don't have to worry about our son pulling it off and possibly banging himself in the face with it. Sadly, by about 6-7 months, my son was getting too long to fit in the bouncer comfortably.  He was also more interested in moving around and exploring his world by crawling.  Fearing that he'd flip it over trying to get out, I stopped using it, but it was a great product for the first six months.

Pottstown, PA


Fisher-Price Ocean Wonders Aquarium Bouncer Activity Seat

4.4 5