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Fisher Price Little People St. Patrick's Day Parade Play Set

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Little people st Patrick's day set


My son received this one year for st Patrick's day. He was very into and collected a lot of the fisher price little people sets. It's some comes with some familiar little people characters dressed in lots of fun, green st Patrick's day themed clothing. There is an archway, counter thing that seems to come with all little people sets and I can never figure out their function. It has a pole on one side and a thing on the other that would allow you to connect it to another piece but there is never anything additional included to connect it to. I wish they would improve that piece. While it makes no difference in the actual performance of the toy, it just bothers me. There is also a nice sized train included which is the star if the show in this set. It plays an Irish tune that is quite loud and if the toy is left on it will play if it is touched. It is very sensitive. The good news is that there is an off switch. My son liked this but lost interest pretty quick and this toy laid in the basement for a couple of years. My daughter discovered it recently thought and has been playing. The toy has definitely lasted. Fisher price makes very durable toys which is why I'd recommend it!

Staten Island, NY


Little People St. Patrick's Day Parade Play set is so fun


We got this for my daughter to celebrate her Irish heritage. It has become one of her favorite Little People play things by far. It comes with a motorized train and a extra float car. When moving it plays a St. Patrick's day jig type song that is addictive and surprisingly not annoying. It also comes with two Irish Dancer girls, a leprechaun and a parade master type guy. Also comes with two little snack stands for the parade. It is the quality that you come to expect from Fisher Price, sturdy, durable, simple design and perfect for little hands. It is a unique set and is a departure from a zoo or farm set, this one celebrates a holiday that is important for those with Irish Heritage, not to mention, everyone loves a parade float! Goes well with our peek a blocks train for lots of parade fun as well. You will fall in love with the blonde and brunette Irish Dancer girls in all of their finery, they are so cute and adorable. Personally, the cutest little people set we own.

Lake Stevens, WA


Little People St. Patrick's Day Parade Set is special and fun.


The Fisher Price Little People St. Patrick's Day Parade Set is one of those really special toys.  I bought it for my granddaughter who is two and loves Little People.  She also has red hair and is part Irish so I just could not pass it up.  The green two car train has four Little People which include the Parade Grand Marshal, a leprechaun, a blonde girl my granddaughter thinks is Sarah Lynn and Maggie.  When the train is pushed or pulled it plays an Irish jig, which my granddaughter absolutely loves.  There is a rotating stage on the second car which turns round and round as the train moves.  There is so much this train does for having only two cars.  There are two food stands included which are decorated with flags so the Little People can stop for cookies and lemonade.  The St. Patrick's Day Parade set would be a great decoration for anyone who loves to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.  It is unique and will quickly become a "hard to find" item.  For me it will always be a special toy for my "little colleen."



Fisher Price Little People St. Patrick's Day Parade Play Set

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