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Fisher Price Little People Sail N Float Boat

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fun for the bath tub!


My son absolutely LOVES his Fisher Price Little People Sail N Float Boat. This cute little boat comes with a fisherman, a life preserver and a fish you can catch with the hook on the boat! It makes sounds when you push the button - it makes a water/wave sound; it says, "come on, let's go out to sea!" it makes a "toot toot!" noise, and it sings a little song that I could probably now sing in my sleep "Sail and float, sail and float, we're on the deck of our little boat.....splish and a splash and we're going out to sea - the ocean is the place for me!" It is a fun little toy that my son loves to play with in the bath tub (hmm, is it supposed to go in the tub since it has batteries?? As I type this I wonder... :) Well it has worked fine for over a year for us!). I grew up with Fisher Price Little People sets, so it is so fun to have some for my son to play with as well! He just adores them. 

San Antonio, TX


The Fisher Price Boat is a lot of fun


My son received this Fisher Price Little People Sail and Float Boat when he was one year old.  He has had so much fun with it ever since.  He loves to put the different people in and out of their seats.  And while I admit the various songs and phrases the boat plays get extremely annoying to me after a while, they never get old for him.  The fun colors keep his attention, and the durable construction is able to stand up to a toddlers rough and tumble play -- dropping, throwing, whatever.  I admit, even though it is a boat, we have never actually put it in the water or bathtub, so I can't comment on how well it floats, or if it is able to stand up to being wet.  The Fisher Price Little People Sail and Float Boat is a toy that I would definitely recommend for a toddler.  They will very much enjoy it.  We have a lot of toys for my son to play with, but this boat is one of his all time favorites.

Greenbrier, TN


Boating fun in the tub


My two year old loves the Fisher Price Little People Sail N Float Boat.  He likes the little guy and he likes thesongs it plays.  He'll laugh and start moving his shoulders and head like he's dancing.  He also likes it when it makes the engine starting sound.  It makes bath time fun.  He has a lot of fish toys too from a different playset and they will fit on the little plastic fishing hook so he can pretend he caught something - just like grandpa! The only drawback I would say is that it takes on water and sinks easily.  Not if you are just letting it float....but if you don't hold it up while you push the little guy down on the spot to make the music start, it goes right under and you have to pick it up and dump the water out before it floats again.  Other than that, we love the toy. He will even play with it outside the bath sometimes.  The toy doesn't cost a lot for hours of fun playtime.

Saint Ann, MO


great bathtime fun


My son received the Fisher Price Little People Sail n Float Boat from his aunt when he graduated from the infant tub to the "big boy tub." He loves it, along with all other Little People products. He loves to repeatedly push the captain to make the boat "talk." The boat comes with three prerecorded sound bits: "all aboard," a horn, and a cute little song. At first I was concerned that it was not actually meant to go in the water, but it really does float and it makes bathtime and pool play a lot of fun. An added bonus is that you can mix and match the various people from this line of toys and interchange them with the various vehicles. The only problems I have had is that if my son plays with it for an extended period of time, then it has a tendency to stop "talking." When the boat has had time to dry out, then the sound resumes. Despite this, my son loves the toy and I would definately purchase it again.

Baytown, TX


Little People Sail 'N Float Boat is fun toy, don't put in water


The Little People Sail 'N Float Boat is fun for toddlers, but Fisher Price really messed up.  They created the boat so it could go in water.  DON'T PUT IT IN WATER (at least not the pink version).  I checked out other reviews for this toy and there were reports that it is not water tight where the batteries are and acid leaked out.  I bought the pink version of this toy for my granddaughter because it is a very cute boat and I wanted to put it with another Little People set.  I never intended to put it in water because there is always a risk when batteries are used for a child's water toy.  My granddaughter loves the boat because it can hold lots of Little People.  This toy encourages imagination and the stories my granddaughter creates are wonderful.  The pink boat has Sarah Lee as the captain which is important for me. I want my granddaughter to know that females can be captains of boats.  There is a removeable fishing rod which she uses to catch the fish.  Sarah Lee or another Little People (not included) sits in the lifesaver.  Best of all when the captain it is sitting on the back seat, my granddaughter pushes down on her and there is a cute song.  I do recommed this toy but I would not put it in water.



Cute Songs Fun Toy


We have owned the Fisher Price Little People Sail N Float Boat for almost two years now and it has always been one of the favorite toys of both of my children.  They are now  2 1/2 and 4 1/2.  They both love Fisher Price Little People toys, so when my son received this as a gift for his first birthday from one of his aunts, I just knew that it would be a hit.   Both of my children really love the Fisher Price Little People Sail N Float boat.  My daughter (the older child) loves using this boat with other Little People toys, like the school bus, the helicopter, and airplane, along with other Little People.  They all go on big adventures with important jobs to do.  She hardly ever uses the lights and sounds function of the toy. My son, the younger one, loves the lights and sounds feature of the toys and he will actually try to sing along with the songs, which really impresses me because he has a bit of a language dealy. I really like how this particular toy isn't extremely loud with the sound effects.  Many of their toys that make noise, is actually way too loud so I generally have to put scotch tape over the speaker part to lessen the volume.  I didn't have to do that with this one. It does say that it would float and be an okay tub toy, but I haven't tried that.  We keep all toys like this out of the bathroom.  The only tub toys we have are cups and squirter toys.

Saint Peters, MO


Fisher Price Little People Sail N Float Boat

4.5 6