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Fisher-Price Little People Music Parade Ride On

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Great Toy for Grandbaby


I bought this for my grandson on his first birthday and he still loves it. He is 3 - 1/2 years old now. It is a great toy. It has plenty of features for the kids to enjoy, like sounds, they can ride it or push it, they can play music on it. It is very durable and does not have anything wrong with it after all these years. We have not had any problems with any of the things working or anything being broke. We did not find any defects with the product. We have been very please with this riding toy. My second grand baby is having his first Birthday this month and I have already purchased another one for him. He is just now starting to walk, so he will be able to use it to push and also to ride on once he is more stable in his walking. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a toy for a baby just starting to walk up to a 2 year old toddler. It is safe, fun and no sharpe edges. It has plenty of sounds, music and activities to keep a child busy for a while.


Haughton, LA


Your child will love this!


This is a great addition to a household who has a child who is beginning to go mobile! My son loved this even after 3 years of having it. It has a cute piano on the front that plays tunes and the seat lifts up for storage. The little ones always seem to have a blast hiding their toys in there [at least mine did!] and it has other cute musical instruments in the middle that you can push for sounds! Great buy!




Great for baby


this toy is great for babies learning how to walk, as it has handlebars to push up to. I love the ease and friendliness to the toy.. It makes kids want to use it and it's so cute. It also has little noises and songs that it sings once you push buttons. It also has a storage bench where you would sit.


Hollywood, FL


Little People Music Parade Ride On is a favorite toy here!


My daughter received this ride-on toy as a Christmas gift when she was only 6 months old, and she liked the sounds when we pressed the buttons for her, but she didn't really start using it until she could walk at 9 months. She liked riding on it as well as pushing it around, and she loved exploring all the different musical sounds and playing the little piano on the front. But by far her favorite thing to do was stash things under the seat--toys, crayons, remote controls, and anything else she could fit in there. If anything went missing in our house, the first place I would look was under the seat! She is 2 1/2 now and still likes her "secret" hiding place, but she's really too big to ride on it (even though I think the recommended age was 1-3), so we put it away until her little sister is ready for it. I'm sure she will welcome it back, and I know she'll be pushing her sister all around the house on it. Maybe she'll even share her hiding spot.


Nashua, NH


Little People Ride On toys grab their attention and keeps it


We love the little people line of toys from Fisher Price. All the figures for this line are interchangeable and the music is really sweet and happy. The colors and sounds also grabs the attention of any toddler and keeps it for a long time in the world or toddler toys. These can be pushed when learning to walk or ridden as they learn to climb on them and push forward and back. Another favorit part is the seat has a compartment under it that can be used for storing toys or carrying around a hidden snack, depending on what your toddler's motivation is that day. I love that this is a toy my toddler can grow with and not just something that she will use for a few weeks and then has to go into storage because she is too big for it. If you are looking for a toy that kids from 12 months to a couple of years can use, this is it. If you want a toy that will work with your other toys, try the little people line, you won't be disappointed. If you want something that they won't play with or doesn't make noise, this is not it. Good Luck.


Opelika, AL


Little People Music Parade Ride On - so many features to love


So many features that my daughter adores. We got this as a gift and I immediately was kicking myself for not getting it for my daughter first! This car is a ride along but it has a handle on the back that the child can also use to push the car along while walking. Or adults can zoom the child around the room. I like that the car is low to the ground. My daughter is only 28" tall but she has no problem climbing on and off of this toy and her feet hit the ground so she can push herself around. I was amazed that at 12 months she was able to figure out the features on this toy, but I have no doubt they will keep her entertained for a long time in the future. This also has a keyboard on the front, a horn, a drum, and start button. The seat also lifts up so they can stash things in it. My daughter likes to tote her stuffed animal along in it. This car obviously makes noise when you turn on the sound (it has 2 options for sound - - play and music I think) but it could be just as entertaining with the batteries removed. Overall great toy! I don't think it was that expensive and it will definitely be enjoyed by her all year long.


Aurora, IL


Fun and worth it!


We received this item for my son's first birthday.  It is so cute.  My son loves it.  The set is a breeze.  It comes put together!  The designs are everything else are still in perfect shape.  My son is now twenty two months and still loves it.  there are many different musically buttons to press.  They have not gotten old to anyone yet.  The toy is brite and stimulating.  It is easy for a small toddler to get on and off of by themselves.  The toy is nice and lite weight, so it is easy to travel with or bring from room to room.  My son actually just rides it from room to room.  The seat lifts up so that little people can store their favorite toys in there.  That is one of my favorite things about the toy.  It can hold a lot of weight too.  My older child is always on it and it has not broken.  We have had zero problems with this toy.  This toy will last a long time and the kids love it.  I would by it again.


Grosse Pointe, MI


An amazing toy your child will put miles on!


My brother bought the Fisher Price Little People Music Parade toy for my son for his first Christmas.  He was 8 months old at the time.  The toy is said to be for 12 months and up, but my son is very active and was walking at 9 months old.  This is a toy car that your child can sit on and be pushed by someone else.  Once the child is strong enough he or she can ride and push on his or her own.  Also the back rest is a high handle so the child can stand behind the car and push it.  This makes a great walking toy for children just starting to pull themselves up onto furniture.  The front of the car has a keyboard in colors of the rainbow that has two play options.  One option is that each key makes a different pitched sound like a piano key would.  The second option is that each key plays a different song.  Most kids love to dance to these songs.  There is a button to turn on the car and a lever that revs the car's engine.  There is also a horn and drums to be played.  The seat lifts up so your child can put toys inside the car.  Finally there are three different buttons that each play 2 different short song clips.  My son is now 18 months old and still plays with this toy. 


Appleton, WI


Fisher-Price Little People Music Parade Ride On

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