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Fisher Price Little People Lil Princess Ride-On

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Fisher Price Little People Lil' Princess Ride On's Toddler Fun


Fisher Price is another well known company for making toys for children. This particular toy is a Lil' Princess Ride-On Car for my granddaughters to enjoy. This is a basic low to ground plastic car, decorated in pink and purple for your little princess. It is easy to get on and off for them. There is nothing to put together for this, but it was a bit difficult to remove from the box bottom that it sat in as it is tied with wire ties under the wheels. The handle is a one piece, attached and easy for the kids to turn it. This ride-on car is decorated with decals for eyes, nose and mouth. It shows a picture of a windshield with little peoples faces looking out. The decals also are applied to the side of this vehicle for them to enjoy. Near the base of the steering wheel your little one will find 2 large colorful buttons that are easy for them to push. One is for music, displaying a picture of a music note. The other shows a yellow duck you can push for flashing the lights on it. This is intended for toddlers ages 1-3 years of age and not over the 44 pounds recommended total weight allowed. This takes 3 AA batteries. The seat will lift up so the children can easily store their favorite toy. My granddaughters were amused with this. I have one granddaughter who just wanted to push this car around and lift the seat up and down. She is 1 1/2 years old. My other granddaughter had no problem with sitting on this car immediately and pushing buttons and making it move with her feet. She is also 1 1/2 years old. ( Not ]twins, just close in age) After a while the first granddaughter seen it was to be ridden and got right on it. They seemed to want to squabble over it off and on as they are not used to sharing yet. I was glad they liked this car and had fun with it.


Boondocks the heart of Northern , NY


Cute, Fun, Ride-On for a little Princess!


My daughter loves her 'Choo Choo'.  She loves the music, she loves the storage under the seat, she loves pushing it from the back support and she loves the blocks that come with the toy.  My daughter is 20 months old and I bought her this toy because it was reasonably priced and she didn't have a ride-on toy yet.  I was worried she would grow out of it quickly but I don't think she will!


Orange City, FL


perfect for my daughter to use


This pink Fisher Price ride on is very cute. It is one of my daughter's favorite toys and it is very bright and pink. I love all of the designs that it has on it too. This ride on is safe for my daughter to use because it is so low to the ground. It does not go too fast even when she is riding down the incline of our driveway. This ride on has nice handles that are wide enough for her to get a good grip on them. My daughter gets to use her legs to steer this ride on. In a way, that is good because I do not have to worry about her legs being tangled in a set of pedals. The ride on has a nice wide seat that is made of a hard plastic material. The ride on it also very good for indoors so that my daughter has something fun to do when the weather is not so good outside. This ride on has an affordable price and makes a great gift for a little girl. When my daughter uses it outside it does tend to get dirty, but I do not mind because it did not cost much so if she does get a bit of dirt on it i just let it go.


Portage, MI




My daughter loves this toy she is 3 now and still rides it even though shes to big for it. She will not let it go. Its a great bike for a little princess, which she thinks she is.  Even my son who is 19 months rides it and loves sticking his toys in the seat compartment. had it for years and the music still plays when you press the buttons. Its great!


Las Vegas, NV


the littlie people princess rid on is a great imagining toy


my daughter is in love with this toy. she loves the music that it plays and not only that she can ride on it but also open it up and play with the princess home setup inside it is a great way to use her imagination and pretend she is also a princess.  the characters are very sturdy and easy for her little hands to handle


Idaho Falls, ID


Worth it's weight in gold


This ride on car is a great addition to any infant toy collection.  My daughter continues to ride it and she's over 2.5!  The storage compartment under the seat is handy for hiding treasures.  The batteries continue to work and the music/sounds aren't that annoying compared to other toys.  The only possible downside I've found is that the stickers are easy to pull off which really isn't a big deal.


Missoula, MT


Fisher Price Little People Lil Princess Ride-On

4.5 6