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Fisher-Price Little People Firefighter Finn and His Dog

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My son loves him


THis little fire fighter and his dog are a very inexpensive and cute addition to anyones little people collection  The dalmation dog is a bright attractive white with black spots with a adorable little face with a red bandana   The firefighter also is vibrantly colorful with a nice face and a very cool feature    He can hold thing like shovel or hose or anything your child can imagine in his hand My little boy is really into little people and I bought this guy for him because he came with the dog  He is built tough as my son plays with them all the time inside and out in the sandbox They are very easy to clean and they dont chip or peel I really love this about little people because my mom kept all my veichels buildings people pets trees and carrying cases and airport and other accessories like the fair ground from when I was 2    And I played with them alot took them places and shared them with friends and my little people are still as nice as when I got them over the years in my childhood I highly recommend this guy and his dog as he is a great addition or he will definatly get your little ones into little people  My son loves to play with him and the dog  as they fit in most of his toy fire engines which to me is a big plus    I really love the fact that the man can hold things as alot of my sons other little people cant   This really inspires him to use his imagination and the other day my son was having him hold theqtip with him while he was cleaning his ears  it actually looked pretty funny  The man too will also fit most of the vintage little people cars and trucks and we still have the rollercoaster with the cars back when I was a little kid he can even ride nicly on that even though back then they made the little people with round bottoms  We also have the round ferris wheels from my childhood and he can ride those too   Im really glad to see that these little can be used with other sets new and old as it really creates more fun and adventure for little ones  I cant wait now to see my sons face when he gets the little people firestation on his birthday im hoping that the dog can go on the fire truch as that would really be so cute

Bemidji, MN


Fisher-Price Little People Firefighter Finn and His Dog

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