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Fisher-Price Little People Doodle Pro

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i really want to buy this product again its perfect to use .


these is a perfect product its colorful and fun to play with it I think all children in all over the world will love it very much because the shape of the product is super perfect . I would recommend to buy this product for all children to make there smiles on their faces.


doha -qatar


It was a pretty good drawing board!


Although I cannot say that this is the best drawing board that my kids have ever had I will say that it works well. It's a good size for kids and is easy for them to use. It was easy for my child to figure out how to use without me helping them. The magnets are an added bonus. It is fun for them to put them on and off and make shapes. The pen string is a little short and it would be nice if it were a little longer. I've found that out of the doodle boards out there Fisher Price is the one that seems to last the longest and work the best. Do not buy the cheaper ones. They do not work long before they are broken. This is a great toy to have on hand if you are travelling or need to keep your child entertained at someone's house. It will keep them busy for awhile. My kids are older now and they still love the Fisher Price doodle boards. This is a good starter board for young kids. I would highly recommend this drawing board. It is a good way to promote creativity and art into your child's life. It's great!




Over rated, under used


I'm usually a fan of Doodle Pros, but this one is a bomb. For starters, the string for the 'pen' is too short. I know they were probably concerned with safety here, but the string is hooked to a sliding bar in an attempt to help the pen reach the entire board, which it barely does. This really irratates my son who needs his drawings to be perfect. Maybe they should've just made the board smaller. Also the sliding eraser on ours gets stuck constantly and it's hard to slide even when it's not stuck. Buy a different Doodle Pro and save yourself a headache.


Saint Joe, IN


Great product, my grand daughter loved it


Bought this for my grand daughter and she absolutely loves it. We were able to use it for educational purposes, which is always a plus! It was a very study toy and not only was my grand daughter able to enjoy it, but now my new grandson is enjoying it also.  It is great when a toy is durable enough to last through more than one child....Thanks..


Fountain Hills, AZ


Well worth the purchase


As an artist my daughter likes to find new and interesting ways to express her talent and with the doodle pro she can. She loves the fact that she can erase her art and start all over again on a new project.  She also loves the fact that it is protable. Mommy likes the fact that it does not make a mess.


Bloomington, IN


Lots of fun for little ones.


Lots of quite and creative fun for little ones.  Teaches while making no noise to bother other sleeping children. Very amusing. Parents can join in on the fun!!  Very nice for toddlers. They can have hours of fun playing alone while mom gets her work finished.


Brookville, IN


awesome toy, hours and hours of quiet fun


My son received this when he was 2 and 4 years later its still a very popular toy in our home.  Even his older sisters and their friends play with it!  I think we have more than gotten ou money out of this toy. I would totally reccomend it.


Wichita Falls, TX


Awesome for "quiet" play and fun!


My daughter is now three and enjoys pulling this out to draw and create.  The magnetic shapes stay in their places when not in use and we don't have a problem losing pieces.  The drawing stylus is attached with a string so no worries about losing that either.  It's great for drawing, learning letters and numbers or using the shapes!  Enjoyable!


Cottage Grove, MN


something to keep them busy


my granson had this toy The shapes are hard to keep up with. He enjoyed playing with it But after ahwile the screen does not clear very well. Thw slider that is suppose to erase gets  stuck and the child cant push it down, which means you have to keep clearing it out


Memphis, TN


Keeps them quietly entertained


This is a really nice toy for kids who like to draw and parents who don't like to keep every single thing your kid ever draws. It has held up through two daughters (ages 4 and 1) and is still going strong. The problems are: 1) there a re a few shape pieces that get misplaced a lot and 2) it's a bit too big for travel. So, we use this one at home and have a smaller version for on the road.


Santa Monica, CA


Fisher-Price Little People Doodle Pro

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