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Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Learning Farm

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Laugh and Learn farm is a great toy!


We bought this product because we enjoyed the laugh and learn home so much. We were very pleased with our purchase. Our daughter started playing this when she was able to crawl and pull herself up. We love these toys because of the ability for her to pretend play. She gets to plant vegetables and feed the cow. She is able to learn about the farm animals and hear the sounds that she makes. Each of these activities teach her different skills. The planting vegetables are actually shapes that she has to sort out. She is able to learn about opposites by turning the light on and off. The pig being dirty and then clean. She is able to learn about night and day. She learned how to count by counting the number of eggs the chicken hatches. There is so much she can do with this toy. It was a great addition to the laugh and learn home that she has. We highly recommend this toy to parents. It is well worth the money.


Placentia, CA


Laugh and Learn Farm is a great toy!


When our six month old already started pulling himself up on things, we knew we should get a couple bigger toys to keep him occupied.  We found a deal on Fisher price toys and purchased this one with another.  This toy has provided a lot of fun for my son.  He just turned one and it has lost some of its appeal to him, but he still plays with it.  I think he knows what eggs are because of the little egg shoot, and he can feed the cow vegetables.  He likes the sounds it makes and really liked opening and closing the gate at first, and now can crawl through it.  Lots of things to keep him interested. The one major negative I have is that he was pulling himself up by grabbing the top of it from an early age, and it will tip over.  One time it did and he was still holding onto the top with his legs dangling over the gate.  Fortunately, he didn't get hurt.  Battery life is impressive - we've had it for about 6 months and it's been on a lot of the time.  We haven't changed them once yet.  It is a pretty large toy to keep in our living room, but we just stick it in the corner when he's not playing with it or we have guests over. Overall a great toy that I can see using over and over again with other kids!


Louisville, KY


A Must!


What can I say about the Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Learning Farm?  My grand nephew showed a definite interest in the farm when my nephew began watching YouTube videos of Baby Einstein's Old MacDonald video.  He was entranced by the little piggies and cows. So, it was a no-brainer that I would purchase the Learning Farm as the next step.  He didn't know what to make of it at first, but then he begn exploring.  He learned that he could make the music "stop" and "go" by closing the barn door, or sliding the door on the roof.  He loved to make the eggs make a "moo" sound when they fell.  He loved to switch the light "on" and "off".  Most of all, he LOVED the music.  Through this toy, he learned about rhythm and rhyme.  He would sway to the songs, and even learned to associate his "Old MacDonald" board book with the song on the farm! This toy teaches cause and effect, along with color and shape recognition, among other things.  But most of all, it introduces an appreciation of music, an important skill indeed!


Raleigh, NC


Laugh and learn farm entertains our little one


We bought this for our son's first birthday.  He loves to go through the barn door, push the ribbon to make it cheer, flip the little book back and forth, spin the mud on the pig, make the cow chew and feed it, press the buttoon on the chocken to make it flap and crow, flick the light switch off and on, play with the radio, slide the top of the barn back and forth and put the eggs through the shoot.  It has lots of activities for him to do.  We got this with the Laugh and Learn home so he has both of them to entertain him.  We keep both of them in our living room. The colors are bright, the music is fun and not too loud.  He is now sixteen months old and still plays with this toy everyday.  For a toddler with a short attention span he will play with this for fifteen minutes and go back and forth to it.    It's sturdy, he stands on the sitting area and it doesn't tip over.  It has some shaped crops that tend to get lost, but that would be my only complaint.  We got a good deal at a large retail store so it has definitely been worth the money.


Bella Vista, AR


Son loves the Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Learning Farm


My son received this just before his first birthday as a gift from his grandparents and he has not stopped playing with it since.  He loves all the different songs and sounds available in the several different modes.  There are several "activities" for the kids to do, such as feed the cow, place eggs down a chute into a basket, buttons to push for different sounds effects, vegetables to pick, a light switch to flip with a real working light, the gate to open and close, and the radio to tune.  My son plays with this at least several times a day and as he's gotten older, he explores more and finds new things to do.  At this point (17 months) he actually feeds the cow and places the eggs and other objects into the chute to go into the basket.  He loves music, so he likes to turn on the little radio and run around to do other things too.  The toy also seems very durable - I have found him holding onto the top and standing on the gate, and that did not do any damage. It's pretty hard to tip this over, but if a child leans on it hard enough, it will fall over.  Overall, we are really happy with this toy - this has definitely been one that he has played with a lot.


Chesapeake, VA


great learning toy


My daughter received the **Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Learning Farm** for her first birthday and loves it!  The barn door swings open and makes a creaking sound...the cow makes chewing sounds when you feed it the vegetables, which also teach your child shapes...the light switch sings"on" and "off" when used...the little door at the top can be switched to night and day and makes the appriopriate sounds...the chicken counts while she lays the eggs...the pig says "dirty" or "clean" when the child flips its belly to the dirty or clean side...there is too much to list with this toy.  Ther is just so much that this toy does!  The **Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Learning Farm** keep my daughter busy for hours!  She loves going in and out of the door.  She loves the songs that it plays and always dances along with them!  She is starting to sing the ABCs along with the song now!  That is crazy as she is only a little older then 1!


Green Bay, WI


Fun music toy for babies and toddlers


My infant son received the laugh and learn learning farm as a Christmas gift and both he and my 2 year old have enjoyed playing with it over the past year.  The music and fun and pleasant and my boys love dancing around as the music plays. The toy comes with three eggs that can be fed to the cow or can slide down a chute below the chicken into a basket.  There are three "veggies" that are shaped like a circle, square, and triangle and can be planted in the garden.  Music plays when you open the door, slide the door along the top, press the blue ribbon, feed the cow, put eggs in the chute, press the button on the chicken, or spin the pigs stomach.  There are so many activities that it keeps my kids busy for long periods of time. I'm a bit disappointed that the cow stopped working a few weeks after we got the toy.  It used to play music when you put an egg in his mouth, but now it doesn't.  Feeding the egg and hearing him sing had been my older sons favorite activity. Overall the toy is very colorful and fun and both of my boys really enjoy it.


Ann Arbor, MI


Country Fun


*I got this toy to complete the collection as my kids have the laugh and learn learning kitchen and laugh and learn learning home so when I saw the laugh and learn learning farm I had to buy it. I got it on discount for half price at walmart so I only paid about 30.00 for the farm which I think its easy to say is a favorable price for the door. It took me forever to put it together and the sound isn't really as good as the other products in the set. The farm is the one that gets played with the most, I think the idea of the doors and kitchen was exhausted on the first two. The farm is bright and has a moderate amount of activities but it is all cheap plastic and takes up a lot of space on the feet. If you don't already have the other two doors then you might be impressed with it, but if you already do you will be disappointed. I don't recommend anyone spend the money on this door, it wasn't what it was hyped up to be. *


Addison, NY


My son's favorite toy!!


My father bought this for my son's 1st Christmas. We started using it around 6 months old. He LOVES it. It comes with plastic eggs, which are his absolute favorite (his 1st word besides ma and da was egg..lol) . It teaches cause and effect, with a light switch you can turn on and off and a door you can open and close. There are modes on it that you can change for playtime (music and silly songs) or learning time (ABCs and words). This toy keeps my son occupied for a long time. I reccommend it to everyone!


Waterbury, CT


The Laugh and Learn Learning Farm is one of my child's favorites


The Fisher - Price Laugh and Learn Learning Farm is one plastic toy I'm glad we have and that's a big statement! I am not fond of plastic toys and favor wood ones or at least plastic material that can be explained. Fisher-Price does not disclose what number/type of plastic is used in their products (I've even called to find out to no avail) and that concerns me. I have been told by one of their reps that it is "mainly" the clear hard plastic that contains BPA in their toys but then was read a written statement that the FDA does not view BPA as harmful and that they meet FDA standards...etc, etc, etc. All that to say, I have tried to avoid having Fisher-Price toys in our home but this one was on a great sale and I haven't found its equal from any other company so it's one that my child plays with...and plays with...and plays with. My child has enjoyed this from the beginning and it continues to hold interest.


San Antonio, TX


Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Learning Farm

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