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Fisher-Price Laugh, Smile and Learn Computer Learning System

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Fun for kids from ages 6 months until 4 or 5 years old or older!


The Fisher-Price Laugh, Smile and Learn Computer Learning System is so much fun!! We bought it I think 3 and a half years ago and have used it over and over again with both of our girls.  It is easy to download and you don't have to use the cd anymore after downloading it.  There are 3 types of game, each for a different age group.  The first one just makes sounds and pictures appear when you push a button which is for ages 6 months to about 2 years. The 2nd type of game actually says what the button is that is pushed which is good for 2 years to 3 years.  The last one is more for 4-5 year olds, it has 3 different places that you can push buttons that make things in the places come to life and such. For example there is a barn and if you push the h for example it will say horse and bring up a picture of a horse and then it will ask you to find the w or something to give the horse a drink of "w"ater. It's very fun and interactive, kids of all ages will love it!!

Chico, CA


Great to have for your little


We bought this item to occupy my daughter since she likes to touch are keyboard for the computer all the time. Basically you have to install a program on your computer to make this toy work, we have a Dell computer so we didn't have any problems installing. Once you have it installed you have to  put the toy keyboard on top of your keyboad and match it properly which is sometimes a pain. Once you have that done you will go into the game and there are different settings for what is appropriate for the age group that your child is in.  There is alphabet letters on some of buttons, numbers on another,  shape buttons such as triangle, square and circle, a roller ball with a smile face on it and a picture with a button to press that looks like a cell phone which is very cute and don't forget the space bar key. Each button does something from saying the number  or letter and evem singing a song this is truly a nice and educational toy to have for your child. I believe it goes from 6 months which is way too young to about 36 months but, I think even a 4 year old would enjoy this toy. 

Mohegan Lake, NY


Fisher-Price Laugh, Smile and Learn Computer Learning System

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