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Fisher-Price Kick and Play Baby Bouncer

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LOVE this bouncer!! A must have for all parents!


I absolutely LOVE this bouncer!!! It has been the favorite for all 3 kids. It is not just a chair but also a toy. The baby is able to kick their feet which sets off lights, sounds, and songs. They can also kick at the toys hanging from above. The chair also has calming vibrations. There is a setting for "play" where the baby can set off the lights, sounds, and songs. There is also a setting that allows the music and lights to go on their own. We have 3 bouncers and this is always the favorite. Can't say enough about this chair. They are also very comfortable, or appear to be as all our kids have spent many hours sleeping in the chair after their playtime. Nice to have an option to put them in a chair while cooking or cleaning and they can entertain themselves for awhile so I can get some things done during the day.


Buffalo, MN


Fisher Price's classic bouncer is a must-have!


I registered for the Fisher Price Kick and Play bouncer when I was pregnant with my first child. I used it often when she was little, it was so nice to have a secure, safe, and fun seat for her when I was getting some work done! The seat is very easy to put together and has a cute, removable cover which is easy to wash. As baby kicks and wiggles, lights and sounds can play... or you can turn on a song on its own. My daughter LOVED the hanging toys and her reaction to making the seat play music and make fun sounds was priceless. When she outgrew it we were all sad! I packed it up and later brought it out again when I had my second child. What a lifesaver! As a second child, he had to be more portable and hang out at times when big sister was doing things. He loved the bouncer as much as his sister did! And it became a real lifesaver during his long bout with horrible reflux. Flat naps were rough, so much of his napping was done in this bouncer! I recommend this to every parent, a great value and you will be so happy you have it!! Versatility Great bouncer, worked from early days through early toddler-hood. Durability Lasted well through two kids and passed on to a cousin, too! Ease of Use Easy peasy! Safety baby is very secure. Features lots of nice features.


Milwaukee, WI


Good Basic Bouncer


The Fisher-Price Kick and Play Baby Bouncer was our choice for a bouncer seat for our first son, and then was passed on to our second.  It is a pretty basic model but worked really well.  It is not really made for newborns, but we started using it around 2 months.  There are other Fisher Price models that seem made for newborns - the main difference being more padding for the little ones.  This model is easily transportable, so you can take it from room to room...I would put my son in the bouncer and place it just outside the shower door while I took a shower.  The vibration function came in very handy - definitely seemed to work for soothing/distraction.  I don't think the foot operation for the lights and music ever worked for our the time they were old enough to hit those spots hard enough, they had outgrown the seat.  The lights and toys are a nice addition, but again by the time they were old enough to play with them, they were too big for the seat.  The toy bar is removable, and we kept it off most of the time.


Vero Beach, FL


The Fisher Price Kick and Play Bouncer combines safety and fun


I really liked the Fisher Price Kick and Play Baby Bouncer.  It had the ability to change and different times according to what features were wanted.  The seatbelt system was good for little babies.  It has a belt that goes between the legs and across the waist.  When baby is able to push up with his or her legs it is time to use something else because it is possible to push themselves out through the top (my son was about 10 months old).  The vibration feature is nice because it can be turned on or off depending on what baby likes.  When baby kicks the bottom there are lights and sounds on the arch to reward his actions.  I also liked that the arch can easily be removed if the situation warrants.  For example when we started jar foods I would put him in this seat next to me on the couch and it made for easy feeding and provided an extra step between fed in my arms and moving to the highchair.  The quality of this chair is great, very sturdy.  Definitely would recommend this one. Versatility Really didn't offer much versatility. Would have been nicer if toys could have moved from leg to head level. Durability It held up very well. Ease of Use For the correct window. At first legs are too short to reach then before you know it they can climb out the top. Safety As stated in my review my son was able to push himself out the top by 10 months. A five point harness option would have allowed for longer use of product. Features Liked what was there but could have had more.


Hanover, PA


The best bouncer I've ever used!


The Fisher Price Kick and Play Baby Bouncer is the best bouncer and activity seat for infants that I've had the pleasure of using.  It can be used simply as a bouncer, or with the activity bar to keep baby happy.  Has music and also makes a wonderful first feeding seat.  It folds down easily and doesn't take up much space to store or travel with.  Wonderful bouncer for first time or experienced parents.


Morton, IL


Keeps Baby Occupied


I actually bought this as a used item but it was still in great condition.  My son has used this since he was 1 week old and he has loved it the whole time.  He's 6 months now so he's kind of growing out of it but when he was younger I was able to put him in it and he would play while I worked around the house.  He loved the lights and music, but the vibration option really did not do too much.  Overall, I really am pleased with this bouncer.


Ramseur, NC


both kids loved the bouncer


We bought one of these (used) for my daughter.  She absolutely loved it...especially that when she kicked she could make the noise and lights go.  When we were done we passed it on to my sister and her kids loved it.  We ended up not getting that one back, so bought about one used.  Our second one is pretty noisy when it vibrates if the batteries are brand new...but it's been well loved by now, so I don't think that's a big problem in general.  Our son loves it.  He's a tall kid, so he has no trouble reaching the toys and he's only 4 months.


Albany, CA


kickin' fun for babies


Both my boys loved this toy.  They loved the kicking activated noises and music. I loved the vibrate option, as it soothed both my boys instantly if they were fussy when nothing else worked. Two things I didn't like --- the toys can't be reached or removed and my BIG boys grew out of this toy quickly.


Muskego, WI


after 5 years, still works great!


I recently had another baby, after 5 years (my first child) this bouncer still works great!!!  Once he moves his legs, the music/lights fun begin!  He love it!  The toys are very hard to reach. If he is not strapped in, he will slide down and out the bouncer. I do like that it's not very bouncy b/c his sister tries to sling-shot him out!  The fabric is easy to clean, although it's faded a little!


Sioux Falls, SD


This chair was a lifesaver!


This was the only thing my daughter would sit in from birth to about 7 months!! No swings, no saucers, nothing! only this chair. as a matter of fact she slept in it too! My husband was in and out of the hospital with cancer for about 4 months and being a new mom at home with a new baby, i wanted her close to me but she was too big for a bassinet so i let her sleep in this chair. she loved it! and i got some sleep!


Cookstown, NJ


Fisher-Price Kick and Play Baby Bouncer

4.4 58