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Fisher Price Kick and Drive Gym

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This toy will keep your little one busy for hours!


We bought a Fisher Price Kick Start Gym for our son about 8 years ago, and he loved it. The colorful wheels that spin when baby kicks the foot pad gives them something to look at. The music is fun and kids seem to like it too. There are two toys that hang down for baby to reach up and bat with their hands. When you move the hanging toys it also starts the wheels spinning and music playing. We used this toy with our son, who is 8 now, and our little girl who is now 3, and now our newborn baby boy is starting to play with it as well. This is a sturdy, tough toy, even though we have had it for so long it still has a lot of use left in it.


Forest Grove, OR


Lots of fun for your little one!


When my daughter was little, around 4 months old, we took a trip to visit family and quickly realized that with no baby swing or bouncy chair along entertaining baby was going to be a challenge!  Luckily someone there had a Fisher Price Kick Start Gym (not the product featured here, but it's predecessor) tucked away in a closet.  She was not only entertained she was THRILLED, so much so that we hated to leave it behind when we returned home.  In searching for one to buy for our house I learned that the Kick Start gym was no longer in production. So, dismayed, I gave up the search.  Then when baby #2 came along, my son, I picked the search up again and discovered this item, the Fisher Price Kick and Drive Gym.  I ordered it online, not sure what to expect, and I couldn't be happier.  Like the other gym, this one has toys that hang down from the bar that baby can bat and pull.  This makes music play and lights twinkle. And like the older version, it also has a kick board that plays music when the baby kicks it.  My kids both loved this feature!  The Kick n Drive gym featured here also has a steering wheel so that baby can play with the gym even after he/she reaches a sitting stage.  The absolute only reason I didn't give this 5 stars is because it is a bit too easy for baby to pull the hanging toys off of this toy, which means they then cry and fuss until you reattach them.  But this is a small nuisance in what is an otherwise terrific toy. 


Columbus, OH


Fisher Price Kick and Drive Gym

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