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Fisher-Price Healthy Care Lion Booster Seat

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Great chair if you have the space!


The Fisher Price Precious Planet Lion Booster is a great chair if you have the space!  I have two of these boosters and have use them every time we go somewhere!  We just keep them in the car and they fit behind the front seats on the floor board.  It is so easy to keep clean because it is all plastic and its a snap to set up.  Just open the back rest and attach the straps to the back and bottom of the chair.  Its very durable and we have even used it in a booth.  I like the gender neutral colors of mainly yellow and orange plus my kids like the cute little lion face.  It comes with a tray that can be adjusted in three positions.  This tray can be removed as well as the back rest for older children.  We have used this product for over a year and see a couple more years of use out.   I would highly recommend this booster for the great price and its durability but make sure you have room for it.     



Fisher Price High Chair is just the BEST in value ....


We bought our Fisher Price High Chair before our baby girl was born, I wanted something that will last and grow with her. I already had 2 children and went thru different High Chairs at that time and knew exactly what I wanted in a high chair this time arround; It had to be fairly decent price, adjustable in hight, adjustable seat to lay even a young child in the seat; rollers, easy to clean, and after lots of online searches and review we ended up buying the Fisher Price High Chair with the lion; it had everything we wanted in a High chair. The seat can be adjusted to 5 table hights, you can fold the whole highchair up and store in a small place like behind the door, I also put the cover in the wash once a week and now 2 years later still looks like new. We used the high chair from the time our baby girl was 2 month old with the recliner feature and now she is 2 and still sit in the chair every day for dinner; the tray can be removed with one hand and it has a double tray, the 2nd tray can go into the dishwasher and easly clean the main tray with a cloth or paper towle.. Best baby product we had bough by far and don;t see her moving out of the chair in the next year or so;still looks almost brand new. I would deff. recommend looking into a fisher price high chair.

Lakeland, FL


Simple to use, reasonable price.


While visiting family members for a week, I realized a need for some sort of booster seat as we had no high chair with us and sitting on the floor for feeding was not working.  I chose this model of chair because I had a price limit set by a gift card and the store had limited stock.  Thus, I'm not sure, had I not been on a time and budget crunch if this is the chair I would have gone with, only because I tend to lean more toward the stream-lined, fit in with home decor branch of baby gear.  Not that I've had much choice with owning mostly hand-me-downs, but I was sad that the one chance I had to buy something myself left me with what was not quite what I wanted. That being said, the chair serves its purpose perfectly well.  The lion is pretty cute and is a much better alternative to the tacky color scheme of the Fisher-Price Healthy Care booster seat (although, w/out the aforementioned limitations, I would have opted for the Healthy Care Deluxe due to its dual tray system and subdued color-scheme).  As far as I can tell, the only difference between the Lion Chair and the Healthy Care is the fact that it's a lion and, as part of their "Precious Planet" series, a portion of the profits are donated to charity. The tray itself snaps in easily and cannot be easily removed by the child.  There are three position settings to allow for expansion as my daughter grows and when she no longer needs the back support, the lion's head can be removed leaving us with just a typical booster seat (albeit a bright orange and yellow booster seat).  The straps for attaching the seat to a dining chair are easily adjustable and fit just about any chair - the first dining chair I used it on was a 70's style leather rolling chair with a near-wing-like back and the seat still attached just fine.  When not in use, the lion's head folds down under the tray and the straps can be used as shoulder straps for easy transportation.  Also, the seat is easily wiped clean and, as advertised, has no crevices in which small Cheerios can get stuck. My daughter loved it!  She tried crawling in even when it wasn't time to eat and, when it was time to eat, sat happily.  No more squirming on the floor! Overall, it is a very simple, practical booster seat that serves its purpose and does so very well.  My only personal complaint is that I'm not a fan of the bright colors, but that's just my taste - it's not even ugly, it's just not my personal style.

Shawnee, OK


Easy to clean, lightweight, and fits all size chairs


First, we switched from a high chair, which was near impossible to clean.  This booster chair only requires a quick wipe down most days, and when it gets really messy, I just take it apart and toss all the parts in the dishwasher (yes, even the seat and the straps!)  The tray is small enough to handwash in the sink or fit in the dishwasher. Second, we inherited an antique dining set from family which has abnormally wide chair seats.  The adjustable straps on the booster chair makes it super quick and easy to make sure it is secure. Third, the price is unbeatable! Last, I LOVE the theme.  I could see this not fitting the decor in everyone's home, but our dining room is full of vivid oranges and this chair fits right in.  But the great thing is it is so easy to set up or remove from a chair, if it doesn't match your color scheme, you can just tuck it away after meals! The only downside I've found is the lion's face was a sticker with absolutely no plastic covering or casing.  Because a toddler makes a mess, the back support HAD to be cleaned frequently.  End result, the sticker is gone.

Hampton, VA


Fisher-Price Healthy Care Lion Booster Seat

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