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Fisher Price Gymtastics Play Wall

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The Fisher Price Gymtastics Play Wall is full of fun


I received the Fisher Price Gymtastics Play Wall as a hand-me-down.  I pull it out and put it together when we have guests over to our house who have a small child.  I have found that around the age of six months seems to be the perfect age for this toy - or when a child can just start to stand with assistance.  The play wall is sturdy enough for a six month old to hold on to it while standing; the play wall will not fall over, as it has very long "feet" to keep it in place.  There are many removable rattles that can be placed in different spots along the play wall.  There is also a sound component where certain movements (such as moving one of the hanging cylinders) triggers a little noise.  The children really seem to like this part.  Like most toys, it would be nice if there was a volume control so that the noise isn't so loud.  We ended up putting tape over the speakers to muffle the noise a little.  Overall, this is a great toy.

Boise, ID


Helps Build Those Muscles


**My daugher absolutley loved this play wall actvity gym, and she still enjoys it. She used the peek-a-boo curtain to play peek-a-boo game with me. She really loved crawling through the wind chimes. She loved bouncing the frog and hearing the bouncy noises. She also loved turning the wheel and the batting ball. It seemed that the musical sounds encouraged her musical activity.She loves music now and loves to dance even more. She is so funny to watch dance around.** **This is a good strength builder as well. She built alot of strength in her legs and arms with this activity gym. Eventually our daughter would use it to pull herself up.****There so many things to with this. It is also a great toy to play with as they grow. There are lights, sounds, crawl throughs and so much more. ** **The the motion sensor sounds and lights are fantastic, and I have had no problems with this product. I believe it is a very enjoyable and educational filled toy. **

Irving, TX


Fisher Price Gymtastics Play Wall

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