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Fisher Price Go Baby Go! Crawl-Along Musical Ball

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Baby Boys Toy


My 7 month old got this for Christmas of 2010 and before he got it he wasn't even thinking about crawling and now he easily pulls himself forward with his arms. That's a start on crawling in my book. He loves how it makes sounds and how he can chase it down if his 2-year-old sister rolls it across the floor or me and my hubby kicks it on accident.




Good toy, but baby loses interest


We received the Fisher Price Baby GO! Crawl-Along Musical Ball as a gift for our daughter. She started playing with it as she started learning how to crawl and thought it was pretty fun at first. The ball is brightly colored with a big yellow star on the side and has a fun monkey standing on top of the ball. The ball and monkey are assembled in such a way that when the ball is rolled, the monkey always bounces back up to the top. When the ball or monkey are moved, there are some sound effects or musical melodies that are played. It really is a cute little toy, but after playing with it for just a short time, my daughter got bored of it. I thought she'd have fun chasing after the ball, but she almost always wandered off to play with other toys. In addition, for it to work well and roll along the floor, you need hard floors, but I didn't really want my little girl playing on our hard wood floors. It doesn't move nearly as well on the carpet, but I always felt safer having her play in carpeted areas.


Muncie, IN


So fun


Got this toy for my cousin for Christmas.  It just looked soo cute in the store, and it was very affordable.  It's a musical toy, and those are usually really great for babies.  The monkey tries to stay on the ball as it rolls.  it is actually really funny to watch. He makes different noises as the ball moves, and it's very entertaining to watch. My cousin tried it out on Christmas and he seemed to really enjoy it.  He batted at the monkey with his hands and cooed at it alot.  It seemed to hold his attention for awhile, and my aunt said this was a pretty strong reaction for him, so I hope he'll enjoy it for awhile.  it's a very fun, whimsical toy that is just fun to watch.  The monkey is not made of hard plastic, so my cousin was really attracted to his soft texture. It was so fun to watch him try to talk to the monkey while he was rolling.  Fisher Price makes great, quality toys and this one is no exception. 


Pearl, MS


This is at least MY favorite toy


This toy is so fun to watch and to play with. The monkey "dances" on the ball as it rolls and makes noises like he's trying to stay on. It's funny. Really, though, this made all the difference in entertaining my twins when they were doing "tummy time". Before, I'd try to interest them in some toy but they quickly got fussy. With this toy, however, I put them on their tummies and then rolled it across floor. The motion and the sound really kept their attention- plus it moves in unpredictable paths so they were always looking around. Their 5-10 mins of tummy time flew by! I definitely recommend!


Oak Park, IL


fun for a very short time...


The **Fisher Price Go Baby Go! Crawl-Along Musical Ball** at first is a great interactive toy, until you have played with it for a while.  I got this for my daughter because I thought it would be fun for her.  However, she was not entertained by it and it soon became a dust catcher. Fun music spews out as the ball rolls along with the critter that balances on the ball.  That is really all their is to this toy.  It is almost too sophisticated for a baby and too boring for a toddler or older age.  When shopping for this toy I thought it would be a hit, because my daughter loves music and balls, I thought she would totally enoy it.  Wrong.  This toy might be better for older kids to teach them older concepts like balancing and gravity.  Perhaps the company could remarket this and design some experiments that the older kids could do with it.  Save your money from this and buy some of the other great Fisher Price toys that are available.


Los Osos, CA


This is ok


This is a toy for a baby just learning their motor skills. My baby was about 4-5 months when I got this toy and she liked to push it and drag it around. She lost interest shortly after I bought it, but she did get a lot of playtime out of this toy. Thanks


Las Vegas, NV


Cute little toy


This toy is super cute! My daughter just loves it! This toy is supposed to encourage your child to move around and even though my daughter is not yet crawling she loves to play with this toy. She can sit up unassisted so she always reaches for it on her own. Since this toy is a ball it rolls away when pushed which always causes her to try harder to reach it again. She does that for a while until it is finally out of reach. It has made her want to crawl though so she can reach it again. I have helped her along and she always gets really excited when she reaches it again. This toy plays super cute upbeat songs. It does play the same two tunes over and over again. It only plays them when pushed. If you don't like loud toys this toy is not for you. I do not mind that at all and absolutely love this toy. Even when this toy is not in use I think that it makes her room look cute and playful so I always leave it out.


Greenville, SC


My sons FAVORITE toy!!


I absolutely LOVE the Go Baby Go! Crawl-Along Ball. It is a bright orange and blue plastic ball with a monkey on top. When you roll the ball, it plays fun music and the monkey balances on top. When the ball is stationary and you bat at the monkey, baby is rewarded with one of 2 fun tunes and 3 sound effects. I just love the monkeys laugh!! It really is my sons favorite toy. It encourages sitting and hand-eye coordination. Before he started crawling it was great to just sit in his lap. He would bat at the monkey and see that the music came on. Now that he started crawling, he pushes it and follows it accross the room! It keeps him entertained for quite some time. The monkey on top is soft enough that it doesnt hurt him when he chews on it. The music keeps his attention, but isnt too loud. It does have the handy on/off feature that is nice for when you just really dont want to hear the music, but baby can still play with the ball. I would recommend getting this for your child when he is just starting to sit on his own. I would not imagine it would be much fun as a new toy for a baby who can already sit and crawl on his own.


Norwalk, OH


Fisher Price Go Baby Go! Crawl-Along Musical Ball

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